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This section contains tips for advanced options in ESP. Enjoy browsing!

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File Name Type Description Date Size (kB)
Use multiple models in ESP PDF (54) With ESP version 7.0, the user may specify different chemistry models for different streams and blocks   242
Generate a species listing from the PUBLIC database PDF (50) A full listing of all the species in the OLI / Public database can be generated. This technique can also be applied to any private database.   174
Calculate heat capacity in ESP PDF (08) How to use multiple streams to calculate the total heat capacity for a stream   31
Install an ESP format Database LINK (11) How to install a private database in ESP   41
Use an ESP private Data Base PDF (12) How to use a private ESP database   54
Import a stream into ESP
PDF (15) How to import a stream into an ESP process file   83
Import a stream into ESP, II PDF (28) More advanced options for importing streams into ESP with an emphasis on the Analyzers   128
Use a REACTOR block to simulate REDOX PDF (88) Sometimes the REDOX that used used by default in OLI is not what you need. This tutorial explains how to build your own custom REDOX set. (Revised) 10.28.2013 1318
Use Mass-Transfer in ESP PDF (21) How to set up mass-transfer limited reactors and columns   51
Disable the pause and beep in ESP PDF (22) How to disable the pause feature (and the annoying beep) so you don't have to press the enter key very often   157
Adding Reaction Kinetics to ESP PDF (80) Revised How to add reaction kinetics to ESP chemistry models 11.08.2017 2,459
Using the new temperature dependent bio-reaction terms PDF (64) An alternative method to Arrhenius for temperature dependent reaction rate constants has been implemented for version 7.0.30 and later. This explains how to use this new feature.   240
Removing N2 from REDOX PDF (36) Occasionally Nitrogen gas is not desired in OLI redox. This explains how to remove it from the model (Updated for MSE) Based on ESP 8.2.1 or later 02.02.2010 40
System.siz parameters PDF (16) The default numbers for the program are: Species =300, Blocks=50 and Streams=100. This document explains how to change these values   77
Setting the Weigting Factor in ESP PDF (71) How to change the apparent species weighting factor in ESP output 01.30.2007 820
How to turn of the PC Speaker PDF (76) It is not possible to use MS-Windows directly to turn off the PC Speaker which beeps frequently in ESP. This procedure allows you to turn the speaker on and off 05.15.2007 204
How to use equilibrium constant constrained reaction kinetics PDF (75) A example case of using reaction rates constrained by the thermodynamic equilibrium constant 05.15.2007 41
How to use Mass Transfer Columns PDF (81) Updates to the ESP manual for columns (absorbers, strippers and extractors) with specific updates to mass-transfer limited columns 07.31.2008 101
ESP Multistage Condenser Types PDF (83) A listing of condenser types for columns in ESP 03.30.2009 40

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