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This section contains tips for advanced options in the Analyzers. Enjoy browsing!

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How to...
File Name Type Description Date Size (kB)
Export Analyzer reports to a spreadsheet PDF (60) The analyzers can export the large output reports to a spreadsheet program such as MicroSoft's Excel.   471
Load an ESP database into Analyzers v3.1 LINK Version 3.1instructions for loading a database into the Analyzers    
Select databases in the Analyzers LINK How to select a database in the Analyzers    
Select or modify solids in the Analyzers 2.0 PDF (04) Version 2.0 instructions for changing the solids that appear in the Analyzers   378
Create a new alloy for Corrosion PDF (52) A tutorial on how to create new alloys for stability diagrams   245
Display polarization curves in CorrosionAnalyzer PDF (17) A tutorial on how to create and display a polarization curve   159
Determine the build number for the Analyzers PDF (24) How to determine the current version and build number for the Analyzers   70
Enable Plug-Ins PDF (30) How to insert and enable plug-ins for the Analyzers   347
Export plot data from the Analyzers PDF (63) How to export data from the plot directly to Excel (version 2.0 or later) or to a graphics image (Revised) 08.23.2006 350
Interpret the little symbols next to the species names in the lookup grid PDF (34) What do all those little icons mean next to species names when you are entering species into the grid? This document explains all...   470
Change the TEMP Folder PDF (37) You can change the location of where you store the temporary files that the Analyzers create.   144
Import Streams from Aspen Plus and Hysys PDF (49) How to import into the Analyzers streams in Aspen Plus 12.1 or later or Hysys 3.2 or later   395
Using ESP models in the Analyzers PDF (68) How to use user modifed ESP models in the OLI Analyzers 12.13.2013 395
Exporting Streams and Objects from the Analyzers to ESP PDF (70) How to export streams and calculation objects from the Analyzers to ESP. Valid for Analyzer verson 2.0.43 and ESP 7.0.43 and later 08.16.2006 1,186
Creating and using Analyzer Plot Templates PDF (78) How to create and use customized plot templates in the OLI Analyzers 07.26.2007 318
How to use Pass-Through Models WMF A windows media file explaining how to use chemsitry models generated in other OLI software 01.22.2008 3941
Comparing the calculation between ScaleChem and OLI Studio ScaleChem PDF (87) The calculations between OLI ScaleChem and OLI Studio ScaleChem (A/K/A ScaleAnalyzer) are similar but have some significant differences. This white paper, authored by Sachin Daluja, explains those differences. 05.13.2013 87

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