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Alliance Products

This section contains tips for options in the Alliance products. Also check in the Getting Started section for more Alliance Product tips.. Enjoy browsing!

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File Name Type Description Date Size (kB)
Getting Started with Aspen PLUS and OLI PDF How to get started with Aspen PLUS OLI. Updated for version 2006.5 (work in progress) 07.09.2008 1878
Unisim OLI: Loading a private databank PDF (71) Instructions on loading a private ESP database into Unisim OLI 11.09.2006 104
HYSYS OLI: Loading a private Database PDF (26) Instructions on loading a private ESP database into Hysys OLI (Revised Aspen Hysys V7.3) 10.24.2012 343
HYSYS OLI: Using multiple fluid packages PDF (79) An example on how to use the Peng-Robinson fluid package with the OLI Electrolyte fluid package (Revised for Aspen Hysys V7.3) 03.03.2015 2100
Using the Corrosion Anlayzer in UniSim Design PDF (67) Using the Corrosion Analyzer 2.0 in UniSim Design R360 or later 3.27.2006 473

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