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OLI Concepts

This section contains tips for understanding the OLI framework. Enjoy browsing!

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Key OLI Concepts
File Name Type Description Date Size (kB)
Scaling Tendency PDF (39) What s a scaling tendency?   112
Alkalinity and OLI PDF (35) An overview of alkalinity and how OLI implements alkalinity   415
pH calculations in MSE PDF (61) How is pH calculated in the MSE, Mole Fraction based thermodynamic framework? (Revised March 6, 2012) 03.06.2012 148
TRANGE's PDF (01) What is a TRANGE (Temperature Range) and what does it mean?   569
CSTR v Plug Flow issues PDF (23) To settle a long-standing debate, what is the difference between CSTR and Plug-Flow in OLI   53
The difference between Apparent and True species
PDF (19) What is a true species and how does it relate to apparent species?   44
Calculating Humidity LINK How to calculate relative humidity 08.13.2012  
Understanding OLI Internals
MSE Model Regression Parameters PDF (46) A listing of parameters available for regression in the Mixed-Solvent-Electrolyte model   136
Standard Aqueous Model Regression Parameters PDF (45) A listing of parameters available for regression in the traditional aqueous model   127
Internal (ASAP) Variables List PDF (27) A listing of the internal variables and the native units. This list is commonly referred to as the ASAP variable list   72
MSE Density Calculations PDF How are density calculations made in the MSE model? 02.27.2006 427
Converting K-values PDF (73) How to convert from mole fraction based equilibrium constants to molal based constants (Revised) 08.16.2011 40
MSE Density Parameters Update PDF (85) For ESP 8.1.4 and Analyzers 3.0.4 the MSE Uniqac density parameters were updated. This document describes the current density parameters 03.31.2009 32
Osmotic Pressure Link How OLI Calculates Osmotic Pression 02.01.2011  

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