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Case Studies

This section contains selected ESP case studies. If you would like to see a particular application, please ask us about it! Enjoy browsing!

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Case Studies  
File Name Type Description Size (kB)
Chlor Alkali PDF An ESP example on how OLI models chlorine production, Updated for ESP 8.3.9 158
ChlorAlkaliAppBrief ZIP Supporting ESP files for the Chlor Alkali Case Study, Updated for ESP 8.3.9 86
Chlorine Scrubber PDF Case study white paper on emergency chlorine scrubbing - updated for ESP 8.3 172
Gas Sweetening using DEA PDF White paper study on using OLI/ESP to sweeten a sour gas using Diethanolamine 217
Scale Formation during Brine re-injection PDF Produced water from oil wells are re-injected back into the formation for a variety of reasons. This may cause unexpected solid formation (fouling) of the reservoir. OLI/ESP was used to model this system 204
Downhole Oil-Water Separation PDF Separating the oil from the produced water is modeled using ESP 81

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