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Creating the PIPESIM OLI interface file


PIPESIM is a program developed by Schlumberger, Inc. which now accepts a file generated by OLI Systems' ScaleChem program. this feature is only available in versions 4.1 or later and with a valid PIPESIM OLI license.

Creating the PIPESIM interface file

The PIPESIM OLI interface file is generated using the OLI ScaleChem 4.1.x program (or later versions). In our example we have created a file with many objects such as oils, gases and brines. We have also created some calculation objects such a scaling scenarios. The PIPESIM OLI interface file is created via the calculations and not the sample objects.

For our example we have selected the previously created scaling scenario Calc1. You add the PIPESIM OLI interface file to an existing calculation or create a new calculation. As you can see below, we have already defined our calculation inputs.

We will now specify the ScaleChem conditions, these do not have to be the same as the PIPESIM OLI conditions but this dialog needs to be completed to move to the next tab.


The precipitates for both the ScaleChem and the PIPESIM OLI calculations need to be specified on this dialog.


One the calculate tab, we now have a new button. The Generate PIPESIM PVT File button only becomes active if you have the proper license and serial number. If this button does not exist either you have an older version of ScaleChem or you do not have a PIPESIM OLI license.

Click the Generate PIPESIM PVT File button to create the interface file. You do not have to click the regular Calculate button to complete this step.


The default PIPESIM OLI dialog appears. You can change the Calc Order and ranges. For this example we are choosing the default ranges. It is important to note that the Number of Steps box will set the number of pressure and temperature steps. This is a square matrix of values thus we will have 20 x 20 or 400 data points. This can take significant time to perform the calculations.

Click the Generate button to start.


ScaleChem will display a calculation status dialog so you can determine where you are in the calculation. Clicking the Cancel button will terminate the run and discard all results.

When the calculation completes the PIPESIM OLI interface files are created. They will either be created in the default folder for ScaleChem or in the same folder that contains your ScaleChem file.

The Scaling Scenario we originally used was Calc1 so you can see that two interface files are CALC1.PVT and CALC1_LOCUS.PVT. Both files are required for PIPESIM.

At this point it is assumed that the user knows how to use PIPESIM and can successfully import these PVT files.

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