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The current release notes for the OLI Studio 9.6 software. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes. Click here for the release notes for 9.5
The values in parenthesis are customer service numbers.

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Build Number Release Status Description Date
    Starting with Version 9.6.2 and later the release notes for all products can be located here: OLI Software Release Notes for 9.6  
9.6.1 General Release


  • Issues resolved for this build = 61
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
June 20, 2018
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3588 13850 ScaleChem

FEATURE: Allow locked cells to be editable

User can enter a value to the makeup cell but the value will be ignored.

User (New Jersey, USA) WS
4534 15792 ScaleChem

Format change to ScaleReport. Sort by Mineral formula or by Before Precipitation saturation. Please
limit the Saturation numbers to two or three.

Added functions in Chemical class to return the formula and the mineral name. The report section table is modified as AJ requested. For solids not allowed to form, if their preST > 1e-4 and they exist in the the expanded list, they will be listed in table with the solids amount being blank.

User (New Jersey, USA) WS
4536 15784 Stream Analyzer

Scaling Tendency report is zero for calcium solids if the first point contains no calcium

Changed how values are retrieved to correctly show entries that did not exist in first point

User (The Netherlands) CD
4771   Engine

When calling CalcRigorousPrescale it crashes occasionally. this was tracked down to the JSOLID array being sized to NI and access using NU.

The array size was corrected to NU

4801   ScaleChem

CRASH: Drag and drop into a saturator from a saturator crashes the software

If Mixer1 contains Mixer2, then Mixer2 can't contain Mixer1. A recursive function is implemented to loop through all possible underlying Mixers.

4802   ScaleChem

Saturate object is allowed to be dragged to its own self

Drag and drop into itself is prevented.

4808   ScaleChem

The facilities calculation stuck in a loop

The updateGlobalMixer() should result in all solids being up to date. The bug was due to Boolean member not being updated after updateGlobalMixer().

4812 16578 General

The check for update button has a misspelled word. "avaialbe" should be "available"

Fixed spelling of "available"

User (The Netherlands) CD
4849 16656 ScaleChem

CRASH: File hangs on open. Seems to be stuck in a facilities calculation

The Faciliteis's global Scenario (m_pScenario) was deleted during save or load, and m_pScenario becomes null and crash. It is now re-created during post Serialization if missing.

User (New Jersey) WS
4856   Engine

Adding H2S in the model (with zero inflow) converged to all vapor, otherwise converged to Vapor + Liquid.

When ions are really low in number, a check was added to limit the ion total and to prevent the matrix singularity

4857   ScaleChem

Oil makeup value can be incorrectly normalized.

The normalized values are recalculated if total value is smaller than 100% when makeup option is selected.

4867 16692 ScaleChem

Unit conversion is incorrect in Brine Report. A user switched the brine report from ppm to mg/L. The report shows the same values in both cases. This cannot be true, the two values differ by the brine density.

The brine report forced unit to be mass concentration type even if user selected mass fraction type. This is now fixed by removing the forced changing of unit type code in the SectionBrineSpeciesSummary::printDetail()

User (New Jersey, USA) WS
4866 16679 Engine

This was originally found in OLI Flowsheet. It seems to be either an engine issue or data. The second liquid phase is small by comparison to the aqueous liquid. The volume is being calculated as negative which makes the density negative. Or it could be that the density is calculated as negative and the volume becomes negative. It is a chicken and egg phenomenon.

Fixed by checking the significance of second liquid moles relative to aqueous moles and justifying if a a second liquid phase should exist.

User (New Jersey) PK, RDY
4871 16754 ScaleChem

REPORT: cannot change units for volume

The inlet summary report section lists info from all inlets. The volume unit of each inlet (column) should be changed from the inlet object (e.g. Oil), not from the hosting object (e.g. Scenario). This is not a bug.

However, there is an issue that the Scenario calculation got cleared if Oil unit is changed. This is now fixed. Changing inlet unit should not clear the calculated state of the mixing object.

User (The Netherlands) WS
4875 16758 Stream Analyzer

While testing a case with MSE SRK first and then MSE, I noticed that the second liquid button gets turned off during the switch. Is this by design? If yes, should there be a warning saying that?

Logic for auto-enable was incorrectly turning off second liquid for AQ & MSE frameworks

4884 16774 Stream Analyzer

When testing a case, the 2nd liquid phase seems to be under-reported. MSE has a second liquid phase of approximately 2.8E+08 kg/day but MSE-SRK has 6E+06 kg/day. All vapor. It seems that the 2nd liquid phase is not

A check in the organic phase was corrected.

Beta Tester (Australia) RDY, PK
4886   Framework

The activity coefficients are not calculated for the 2nd liquid in the MSE-SRK model. So the sections in the output grid should not be shown and the reports need to reflect this (same as Aqueous)

Actually activity coefficients for 2nd liquid in MSE-SRK are calculated and are reported. However, if no values are available, e.g. only Oil phase exists (no Aq phase) the activity coefficients are blank, then the 2 columns (x and m based) should be hidden. This is fixed.

4887   Framework

Fugacity Coefficients are reported for the 2nd liquid phase in MSE-SRK. Only fugacities should be reported..

For SRK, Fugacity Coeff should have 2ndLiq calculated. EqSolver needs to call engine to fined out if SRK is used. Also fixed is that survey never reports 2ndLiq Fugacity Coeff even if it is not MSEH3OION model. Now both survey and single point should report 2ndLiq Fugacity Coeff as long as it is not MSEH3OION.

4894   ScaleChem

Facilities Condition Grid shows where each node fluid go. The current version only show if a node fluid is used by other node. It needs to show which node is using it.

The condition grid shows where the node fluid go to. Also the default is to show the Facilities Conditions tab if the registry key is not found.

4895   ScaleChem

Need to implement the copy and paste for the Facilities conditions grid.

Copy from and paste to a Facilities conditions grid is implemented.

4896   Stream Analyzer

FEATURE: UI for the engine PVT envelop calls and the callback functions need to be implemented, and plot needs to display the envelop results.

Calling between UI and the engine has been implemented, and the default plot displays a P to T using the bubble points, dew points, and the connecting points.

4898   ScaleChem

User can delete a node from the Facilities Conditions grid by highlighting the row and press the "Delete" button. However, if the node in the row is the current node, the entire grid becomes blank. Open the attached case and highlight the Node#4 row and delete. The grid becomes all blank.

When the current node is deleted Facilities should assign a valid node as the current node. The condition grid should refresh correctly when the current node is valid.

4899   ScaleChem Current Facilities or Scenario will have the green checks (passed) or red crosses (failed) marked after all nodes/locations are calculated. They should be updated during the calculation so the user can see the progress. OLI(WS) WS
4910 16867 Engine

MSE-SRK: Vapor phase fugacity coefficient is exactly 1.0 and bubble point pressure is incorrect

Engine did not report correct fugacity coefficients(hence fugacities) of pure component in the vapor phase due to an indexing error. This is fixed.

User (The Netherlands) AR
4914   Stream Analyzer

The envelop plot contains bubble points and dew points, and they are in different number of points. When viewing the data, the number of rows is the number of bubble points rather than the total number of points. The same problem can also be observed when pasting data from the plot to the spreadsheet.

Standard survey plot has the same number of points per line across all the available curves. In envelop, although the plot looks like one curve it is actually one bubble point curve and one dew point curve, and these 2 have different number of points. The bug is fixed by using the combined number of data from the bubble and the dew points, and generate one set of temperature/pressure pairs.

4917   ScaleChem

If the user chooses to turn on the "User Restart Vector", even contour doesn't benefit from it, it should not force the flag to be false.

User selection will be honored even contour does not benefit from restart vector.

OS-22 16868 Engine

As the temperature increases from 0 C to about 20 C there is a flip/flop in phases. Sometimes a liquid phase appears then vanishes. Above 20 C there is a sudden drop in pressure and then at 25 C no pressure (almost zero). The vapor phase fugacity is directionally correct

This is another phase designation problem. Fixed for pure components.

User (The Netherlands) AR
OS-23 16867 Engine In this case, a bubble point pressure calculation is performed. The fugacity of the vapor phase is also recorded. They fugacity and the bubble point pressure are the same value (identical). this indicates that the fugacity coefficient is 1.0 exactly.

Same case in MSE shows a very different fugacity and different bubble point pressure.

he MSE-SRK case has a vapor fugacity of 1.0. The MSE case has a fugacity of 0.738.

Fugacity calculations now corrected.

User (The Netherlands) AR
OS-24 16866 Engine

This case has a just a small amount of H2O added to a pure CO2 stream. With Pure CO2 it is a single liquid phase . With 1.E-8 moles of H2O added it flips to all vapor

This is another phase designation problem. This is almost a pure component. A small tolerance factor caused the flip. This tolerance was fixed.

User (The Netherlands) AR
OS-25 16865 Engine

For pure CO2 phase liquid, we correctly reporting fugacity coefficient but not liquid 2 fugacity.

We are now reporting the correct fugacity.

User (The Netherlands) AR
OS-26 16818 Engine In this case the brine "Sea Water" has a standard reconciliation. Estimated Pre-scales are turned on. All of the solids have the same pre-scale value of 7.22597E86. The post-scale value (this case has no solids) is 7.27936 for CaCO3.

Something is not correct here. I took a stream into Stream Analyzer and ran it with no solids as well. Same results. In the case of no solids there should be similar scaling tendencies.

Version 9.5.4 (which has the old table format) has a pre-scale (estimated) for CaCO3 = 7.28965

This seems to be a table issue.

The esitmated prescales were recalculated.

User (New Jersey) CD
OS-30 16839 Stream Analyzer In this simple case, the stream amount is set to 21 metric tons. The inflow species are in ppm.

I changed the inflow units to mass and the stream amount switched from 21 metric tons to 1.e-03 metric tons. These are all mass units, there should be no change in the stream amount.

Stream amount value retained

OLI (New Jersey) CD
OS-32 16833 Engine

(MSE-SRK) Phase Envelope case failes with a small amount of water.

Issues seems to be fixed by further lowering the H2O content allowed in a single phase (liquid) to be used by MSE-SRK. There is also a bug in pt_envelop.for for allocating an array that is already allocated.

OS-33 16776 Engine

A user is reporting a case where he is expecting a vapor and 2nd liquid and we report all liquid. He claims the AQ model works better.

The case marked AQ shows an AQ phase and a vapor phase. This is a composition survey adding H2O. Looking at the enthalpy curves, the vapor enthalpy shows a deflection as the AQ phase appears.

In the case marked MSE-SRK. The curves are similar. However, at low H2O values the enthalpy is marked as vapor and deflects to Liq2 as the Liq1 phase appears. So above the condensation point for water it appears to be liq1 & liq2 while in the AQ framework the same region is Vap & Liq1

Yet another phase designation issue. Logic fixed to report correct phases.

User (Australia) AR
OS-65, 127 14189, 17408 OLI Studio

FEATURE: We need to upgrade the water analysis object to have the same template capabilities as the brine analysis any improvements should be migrated back to brine analysis.

The template functionality is moved from Brine to Water Analysis. User can select, create, and save template in Water Analysis the same way as in the Brine.

OS-93 10467 OLI Analyzer

The 2nd Liquid molecular apparent shows up in the middle of the list- would you put it to the bottom

Moved per user

User (New Jersey) CD
OS-153 12814 Stream Analyzer

FEATIRE: Need a way to weight the inflows ala ESP


User (Japan) CD
OS-245 16919 Engine

The ScaleChem saturator object removed the targeted solid phase in SRK-MSE but not in either AQ or MSE.

Logic fixed to prevent removal of targeted solid in SRK-MSE

User (United Kingdom) AR
OS-251 16937 Engine This case has two surveys. One in MSE which gives two straight lines for VLE with respect to temperature. I think this response is wrong but it is at least consistent.

The SRK-MSE case is very choppy in the phase behavior. It should be tested to see if recent updates resolve the issue

The SRK call in the initializer proceeds to predict a vapor phase even if the results are extrapolated. Removing this smooths out the MSE-SRK survey. Works with or without restart

User (OK) AR
OS-256 16950 Stream Analyzer

The mixer object has three streams and is an isochoric calculation. The calculation fails. Once failed the object is locked. The file cannot be saved because of an error message about the calculation running in the background.

I should alert you that the problem origin is the NaHCO3 stream and not the mixer (it took me a few minutes to figure it out). I don’t see where the client can determine this because there is no text in the NaHCO3 stream summary, an x on the NaHCO3 stream object, or text in the calculation output that describes the problem encountered (solids not checked).

The NaHCO3 stream is the issue, the problem is it has Solid and Liquid2 phases turned on (No Liq1 or Vap) this is an invalid combination and the engine is crashing.

OLI (New Jersey) CD
OS-258 16959 Corrosion Analyzer I can provide an explanation: I started out in AQ to show how to add multiple metals. In efforts to answer a second question, I added to minerals to the stream and then added the GeoChem database. After this point, I decided to use MSE, because it’s HPHT. The calculation still failed, because the HION was still being used, at which point I realized that the stream changed to MSE, but the Stability Diagram did not. I changed the Stabiltiy diagram to MSE, and that’s what you see below.

I don’t need this file. I don’t even know if a client will ever encounter this roadblock, and so for now, please document it as a calculation failure.

This bug is fixed and under validation.

OLI (New Jersey) WS
OS-263 16989 Stream Analyzer

The new survey calculation, Envelop is spelled like a verb. is that by design?

Spelling corrected

OS-269 17077 Stream Analyzer

The new Phase Envelope Survey needs to be available only if the features under development option is checked.

Update code to only show Phase Envelope option in survey when "Features under development" is checked in options.

OLI (New Jersey) CD
OS-301 17102 Stream Analyzer

Survey by pressure then by pH, sets targeted pH=0.

Fixed the 2nd issue where the Z axis is greyed out. - The logic for checking if the Z axis was valid incorrect for pH. Fixed.

The bug is due to that standard coVar calcTypes such as Temperature, Pressure, Composition, etc. can be found in the input stream, but Corrosion allows pH which does not exist in the stream. It is now fixed that if it is not found in stream, try search in the calcTypeObject.

User (The Netherlands) CD, WS
OS-310 17445 Stream Analyzer

When opening a file in a newer version, automatically save the file in the older version

This has been implemented

OS-314 17359 Stream Analyzer

The current OLI Studio tester does not support MSESRK as a framework, this support needs to be implemented.

This has been implemented

OS-332 16891 Stream Analyzer

The inlets that are in MSE SRK framework are recognized as MSE in mixing water object and as "?" in the mixer

Updated to show MSE-SRK for inlets that are MSE-SRK not ?

OS-333 17101 Stream Analyzer

AUTOCLAVE: Autoclave calculation should have converged but an internal error flag was not cleared

Error handeling was updated

User (United Kingdom) CD
OS-334 17443 Stream Analyser

Mixer remains calculated even its inlet's parent stream modified

This is fixed and checked in. In Mixer::handleEvent() we need to see if UPDATE_OLIOBJECT_STATE is flagged and clear the Calculated state accordingly

OS-337 17365 Stream Analyzer

SURVEY: Create a survey and open the survey range and choose point list. Add a few points and now click the column header "Value". You can move it down to the numbers area

Added code to prevent header from being considered in the up/down logic

OS-339 17245 Stream Analyzer

PLOT: the Auto option does not uncheck when an axis value is changed, or when the Apply button is checked

There was an error (mistype) in the code the check mark was being set by the value of the minimum check box flag not the maximum flag.

OS-340 17241 Stream Analyzer

When running a mixer with a survey on the multiplier and the survey range starts with 0. If the inlet has unique inflows they will not show up in the inlet summary and may not show in the mixer at all resulting in a mass loss based on the inlets.

This is fixed by adding the missing user inflow(s) to the mixer if its value is 0 in the first survey point.

OS-345 17406 Stream Analyzer

In OLI Studio if a user selected pass-through dbs and saves the file it will no longer open.

Recently added code for saving redox equations was being called for pass through models when it should not have, corrected code to skip this for pass through.

OS-346 17346 Stream Analyzer

Include OLI Analyzer "Japanese" version of OLI Manual in product

The "English" version was accidently included in earlier versions

OS-347 17268 Stream Analyzer

Data points are not calculated at a determined temperature range in a survey.
This is because the standard condition volume calculation failed.

Bob fixed the issue with the standard volumes by calling EQPROP rather than trying to correct the density code in the function.

OS-356 17317 Stream Analyzer

The sales team is reporting a case where the pH is vastly different between MSE and MSE-SRK. The actual issue is that in MSE there is a 2nd liquid phase and in MSE-SRK there is not a 2nd liquid phase.

Changes in the Calcium - Acetate ion were revised to fix this issue

OS-358 17332 Scalechem

Copy the facilities object back to the top-level stream. Then look at the plot of the original facilities object. The curves are gone. The data is still there

When copying a survey the parent survey's children are temporarily removed before the serialization. After serialization the children are added back. In Facilities the Facilities::setupForSurveyCalculation() removed the children permanently. So the fix is to prevent Facilities::setupForSurveyCalculation() from permanently removing the children if it's only copy/drag.

OS-376 17392 ScaleChem

If you add a node to the facilities calculation “Topside process” it copies the first node, and any editing done to that node also changes the node it copied including inflows, flow rates, temperature, pressure

The bug is due to newly added node having the save node key with the first node. In this case the first node happens to have the key being 6, and the last node has 5 as it's key. When adding a new node it increments the last node's key, so it got 6 which is identical to the first node. This is now fixed by checking to see if a newly generated key is already being used before assigning to the new node.

User (Texas) WS
OS-377 17246 Corrosion

Please look at the navigator structure. There is a corrosion rate in the Water Analysis. Is this file corrupted?

Logic for adding Corrosion Rate objects was updated a few years ago and a bug in the code allowed the corrosion rate to be added where is should not be. Updated code and tested.

Os-388 17453 Stream Analyzer

A file crashed on open with a error message R6025 - pure virtual function call

In the Mixer, for regular deletion the prepareForDeletion is called and chemistry model sink got unregistered; however, as a facilities node when reference count reached 0 the Mixer is deleted without calling prepareForDeletion. Here we make sure the CM sink gets unregistered and everything cleaned up by calling removeAllInports() in the Mixer destructor if inport list is not empty. Change in Mixer.cpp has been checked in


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