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OLI Studio Release Notes

The current release notes for the OLI Studio 9.5 software. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes. Click here for the release notes for 9.3
The values in parenthesis are customer service numbers.

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Build Number Release Status Description Date
9.5.4 General Release


  • Issues resolved for this build = 45
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
October 26, 2017
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3776 14322 ScaleChem

FEATURE: Please provide a manual sorting option for the Conditions tab in the Scale Scenario object.   Temperature and pressure do not always change in a single direction during production and so this feature will help in those cases, if a client needs to add additional points to their calculation.

User can right click the mouse on the location grid to rearrange the condition order by manually moving a row up or down.

User (US) WS
4537 15814 ScaleChem

Since ScaleChem-Standard is no longer being distributed, we need a method to convert the SCA files into OAD files without launching ScaleChem.

Reduced ScaleChem Standard to a dll with no user interface to enable file conversion without ScaleChem Standard installed

User (UK) CD
4610 15972 Corrosion Analyzer

Memory Hog issues: Numerous calculations on the same file seems to consume more and more memory:

Added call to EQSDEALL in OLICorrStability DLLMain process detach. This helps but I am not sure solves all memory issues related to this case

User (The Netherlands) CD
4629 16079 ScaleChem

We need the capability to plot both the varied brines which go in the mixing waters. This is under Mixing Water -> variables -> Varied Brine

This is fixed and either Brine can be used as the plot variable. Also user can select either Ratio or Flow as the unit on the plot.

4631 16088 Stream Analyzer

The inflow composition for the set pH is fixed at 550000 ppm CaCl2, 580 ppm FeCl3 and
398 ppm CaOH2.    This amount of CaOH2 is about what is needed to achieve a
4 pH.

Please look at the Output tab, and you will see how the inflows have changed.

Next, look at the survey, since this is where the problem is most severe.
It is a CaCl2 survey from 0 to 550000 ppm CaCl2 by 10,000 ppm increments.
The pH is fixed at 4 .  The plot is total dissolved Fe vs. CaCl2 inflow. 
You will see that the recombining of the inflows skewed the CaCl2 in values – the balance of the CaCl2 inflow is converted to CaOH2 inflow

This was fixed prior to the final release of 9.5.3.

User (US) CD
4634 16095 Scalechem

If a user tries to add a volume % or Temp value on the assay screen first instead of typing the component name, and then tries to add the name, the screen does not refresh automatically. Vol and temp table should be greyed out till an assay name is added.

This is fixed and will behave as follow: (1) If the Assay name is blank, the distillation table is locked and can't accept any input. (2) When a valid assay name is given, the blank row on the distillation table is displayed and user can enter data. (3) if the assay name is deleted all rows on the distillation table are removed and the table is locked. (4) Only one assay is allowed in Oil. This was not enforced before the fix, and it is now. (5) Before the fix if you enter Vol/Temp first and then enter an assay name, all controls are still disabled. It is fixed now.

4637 16137 Stream Analyzer

LOCK: Case is locked after a runtime error. Program did not crash out. Need to prevent this

See Bug 4696

User (US) CD
4638 16145 Stream Analyzer

Water Analyzer file. Worked in 9.5.2 but fails in 9.5.3 with The FORTRAN failed to obtain requested double data.

This is caused by the first survey point setting the composition to 0 reducing the number of kvalues (NKA), KValues need to be returned based on NK

K-values are now returned based on AKNAMEO orders and a total of NK. The K-values are zeroed if these can't be extracted from the AV vector (e.g., AV vector doesn't have it).

User (Japan) PK, CD
4640 16154 Stream Analyzer

The report does not total Ce(+4) correctly in the MBG section. Part of the solid mass is missing for one of the hydrates. There may be other issues with MBG reports

This was a result of a database import issue (OLI Studio only). The MBG values are calculated by OLI Studio using the stoichiometric values in the database. However, the access import routine was inferring the data type incorrectly because 1.0 was shown as 1 and it considered it an integer. So the CEO2NIT.9H2O had a stoic of 0 for Ce which should have been 0.7. Updated the import code to correctly handle exporting 1.000 as 1.0.

User (US) CD
4641   ScaleChem

The pST setting in the global scalechem calculation options does not pass down correctly to 4 scale chem objects, namely, Scenario, Saturator, MixingWater, and Facilities. pST in these objects are always turned on; however, the method (Estimated or Rigorous) selection is honored correctly.

A file was forgotten to be checked- in (ScaleAnalyzerMessageHandler.cpp) when Bug#3767 was resolved back in April.

4643 16158 Stream Analyzer

I am working on the new V9.5.3 features/functions and noticed that the
Copy option for the plot has changed.   I am specifically referring to the
dual survey calculation.

This is what existed in V9.3.2 (and probably V9.5.2)

  • When copying from the Plot the pasted values were in an x-y matrix where x is the first survey and y is the second survey.
  • When selecting the View Data button, the data was in an array where the x was repeated for every y. 

It appears that in the new version copying from the Plot view creates the array and no longer the matrix.   If I save to a CSV, the matrix view is preserved.

Please change the Copy from Plot view back to the matrix or confirm that the matrix copy is still there.

The default copy mode was changed and checked in by mistake, it is controlled by a registry key so you can add the following registry key and set it to false to get back the previous behavior.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OLI Systems\OLI Studio 9.5\OLIStudio\Settings
                                Add a string value named CopyPlotDataColumnar
                                And set the value to

User (US) CD
4645 16162 Stream Analyzer

PLOT: The variables screenshot below shows that the length of the category and the variables exceed the width of the field.  Shall we use abbreviations, widen the window, or ignore it?

Updated size of plot select data dialog to allow all names to fit the width of the tree so no abreviations are needed.

User (US) CD
4648 16167 Stream Analyzer

Water Analysis: Added/removed CO2 not displayed in summary section, present in output grid

Several issues have been resolved in the fix. (1) In void
StreamAlkalinityDlg::OnOK() we must call m_pAlkData->setUseSingleTitrant before calling m_pAlkData->setAlkalinitySpec, so in AlkalinityData::setAlkalinitySpec PHTitrantAcidTag, PHTitrantBaseTag, and m_pUcvSingleTitrant will be correctly assigned. Otherwise switching to single titrant will have problem. (2) getAddedAlkTitrant is implemented so the CO2 can be displayed in the summary pane. (3) ReconcileCalc under Brine may not display the added/removed pH titrant correctly. This is due to the Brine's ReconcileCalc only has a work stream (no result stream). To resolve the problem, the function GetAddedValueAsString() is replaced with
getAddedValueAsString() and it uses s_csAddedSingleTitrantTag instead of using diff between inputStream (work) and outputStream (result).

User (US) WS
4650 16173 Stream Analyzer

CRASH: Model generation after Save As Stream. Case was using surface complexation species.

Surface Complexation generates species that do not exist in the chemistry model. When doing "Add As Stream" these species should be removed from the newly created streams. Also if Surface Complexation is used, user cannot draw off any phase during "Add As Stream".

User (Canada) WS
4651 16151 Stream Analyzer

Surface Complexation: conversion to mg/L units assumes a molecular weight of exactly 1.0 g/mole

Mole weight from Generate species will be obtained and displayed correctly.

User (Canada) WS
4658 15069 Engine

Unconverged isochor case, wild pressures calculated

Calculated new estimates at the initializer and updated convergence algorithm for isochoric cases.

User (New Jersey, USA) PK
4659 16208 Stream Analyzer

REPORT: Stream species report missing species. This is confirmed. In version 9.3.2 there are species in the stream report even though there has not been any calculation. In 9.5.3 there the species summary is incomplete.

There was a mismatch in the internal column numbers causing the wrong columns to be hidden

User (Japan) CD
4662 16063 Stream Analyzer

I noticed that there are many zero rows in the stream object I sent.  The updated file eliminates the zero rows.

Also please determine why these zero rows were transferred during the Add as Stream action.  The file also contains the three steps, analysis, reconciliation, and added stream.

Updated seawater object for release

User (US) CD
4664 16077 Stream Analyzer

Cannot copy and paste all data from view data dialog.

The survey varies were set as frozen columns and as header columns which prevented them from copying removed header column designation to allow copying

User (US) CD
4666 16097 Stream Analyzer

Would you make the target parameter the first row and the adjusted parameter the second.  This will be for the

Precipitation point
Composition point

Reversed the Target and Adjusted entries in the grid for

User (US) CD
4667 16220 Stream Analyzer

PLOT: Enthalpy-Aqueous is not available in the plot variables if Hide-Zeros is checked, values are not zero

There was an issue when all the values for a variable were negative, fixed the logic to correctly handle this.

User (Japan) CD
4670   Stream Analyzer

REPORT: The inlets summary table is missing the title, and as a result the it is not in the "Jump to:" dropdown list.

The bool m_bPrintHeader should be set to TRUE in the SectionMixerInflows constructor. Also fixed is the Serialization so opening an existing file will have the title correctly displayed.

4678 16175 Stream Analyzer

Incorrectly reported scaling tendency. This is a scaling only solid with many fractional stoichiometric values.

Prevented truncating K equations for scale only solids.

User (The Netherlands) PK
4687 16259 Stream Analyzer

Is it possible to create a Report table called REDOX equations.  It would contain the reactions that are in the MOD file?  And, since they are complete reactions, can we add the K to it?

Redox Equations table is implemented for the report. Also fixed is the K-value equations from Redox will now appear on the K-value report section and the result stream grid.

User (US) WS
4688 16257 ScaleChem

The title, Select inflows to vary for the saturate section is ambiguous. 
Please change to the following
1)            Select Inflow to vary = Reservoir Mineral Saturation Section
2)            Solid = Mineral to saturate
3)            Inflow = Inflow to vary or Adjustment

Title and heading changed accordingly.

User (US) WS
4690 16245 Stream Analyzer

Water Analysis: Single titrant pH reports default titrant in report. I used CO2 to reconcile the pH But on the Report tab, HCl is mentioned. The mg/L value is the same.

This is related to Bug#4648. When using a single titrant other than the default HCL or NaOH, the new titrant is stored in m_pUcvSingleTitrant correctly (fixed in Bug#4648). However, when loading a saved case with incorrect single titrant stored, it is not changed to the correct one during file loading. It is now fixed in the serialization.

More fix. If m_pUcvPHTitrantBase in Serialization is not the same tag with m_pUcvPHTitrantAcid (single titrant mode) due to previous version, we must use m_pUcvPHTitrantAcid tag for m_pUcvPHTitrantBase  and m_pUcvSingleTitrant.

User (The Netherlands) WS
4694 16176 Corrosion Analyzer

FEATURE: Add custom calculations to corrosion calculations

Added custom calculation support to rates calculation

User (US) CD
4695 16215 ScaleChem

UNITS: Add L to the ScaleChem inlets for oil, and gas and perhaps ml for the oil.

L and STD L have been added to inlet Oil and Gas for SchaleChem inlet objects (Scenario, Saturator, MixingWater, Facilities, Contour).

User (US) WS
4696 16228 Stream Analyzer

A user is reporting that the first two objects in a file are locked and cannot be edited.  The objects cannot even be renamed.

If a CalcObject is not a result calc, it should be unlocked in OLIObject::postSerialization(). This locked CalcObject bug may be due to saving a file while the case is still calculating.

User (US) WS
4708 16299 Stream Analyzer

Water Analysis: Is it possible to make the Measured properties input grid “paste-able” right now the data can only be entered manually.

Paste to Brine Properties grid (Measured column only) is implemented.

User (US) WS
4714   Engine FEATURE: Total dissolved solids calculation for water analysis will be updated as per ASTM D5907-03 method.  OLI PK
4715   User Interface

FEATURE: Update to use new Total dissolved solids calculation

Updated Water Analysis and Brine to use new TDS function from solver

4729   User Interface

PLOT: Legends for partial pressures are printed twice in the plot.

The name "Partial pressure" got added twice due to being a full display name. For partial pressure full display name and short display name is the same.

4730 16357 User Interface

CRASH: File crashes on open

Evaluate member stream pointers, e.g. m_pWorkStream before using it. Also pointers to the chemistry model needed to be evaluated. Any un-calculated node Scenario should be removed in postSerialization. This may be the result of saving a file while the Facilities is still calculating.

User (US) WS
4739   User Interface

The "Apply" button should be active only after the user has changed something in the property sheet. Otherwise it should be grayed out.

The "Apply" button will become active if user modified the data in the property sheet.

4743 16169 User Interface

The SrCO3 has a T-range of -273.15 to -273.15.   Therefore, it does not appear in the default solids list –
rather this solid is only available when the Plot Data which is only within T range is unchecked.  SrCO3 solid was last edited in 1992 (there is no Kfit).

Updated code to ignore T-Ranges where start value and end value are 0

User (US) CD
4746   Framework

The Aqueous model and MSE model prior to the sulfur chemistry update required that s(0) and S(-2) always be selected or deselected together. As of the sulfur chemistry update for MSE this is no longer required however the redox selection dialog is still linking them together

Updated sulfur redox controls to allow individual selection of S(0) and S(-2) for MSE

4747   Framework

FEATURE: Import/Export Streams and objects from OLI Flowsheet

Implemented Copy/Paste of a common stream which is compatible with OLI Flowsheet:ESP and OLI Studio

4748   Stream Analyzer

In the Survey Calculation Type dialog if user changed the type, it can't be cancelled. If Cancel button is pressed the change cannot be undone

Added temp members to hold the original setting.  If user chooses to cancel, the original setting will be applied.

4754   Tester

User selected PreScaling method is not honored in the Analyzer Tester.

Tester database is updated with the pre-scaling tendency method selection.

4755 16356 Engine

In this case a gas object fails to converge when using H2O saturate option. I think this is an initializer issue. See the object (Use this).

I simulated the H2O saturate by running an H2O composition survey. With Restart=OFF there are many all vapor points which is probably unrealistic with the moderately heavy hydrocarbons.

With Restart=ON the plot is much more realistic

Two separate issues have been fixed:
1) Phase checks have been added for gas stream saturate with water.
2) Re-initializing after variables are bounded.

User (United Kingdom) PK
4762   ScaleChem

The Scaling Tendencies table in the Brine report shows both the ST column and pST column (if calculated). The Pre-Scaling Tendencies table shows the exact same data.

Pre-scale Tendencies section (table) is removed from the report. The ST table contains both ST and pST (if calculated) columns.

4772 16428 ScaleChem

ScaleChem: Drag and drop into a saturator natively selects a brine instead of whole fluid

When drag drop a Saturator to a Scenario, Saturator, or Facilities grid, it will first be considered as a Whole Fluid inlet. However, when drag drop a Saturator to a MixingWater, if either of the 2 brines is empty the Saturator will become one of the brines. Otherwise the Saturator will become a Whole Fluid.

User (New Jersey) WS
4774   Stream Analyzer

Do not calculate rigorous pre-ST if no solid forms

If no solid forms we just copy the existing m_dvScaleIndicesOutputVector to m_dvPrescaleIndicesOutputVector if rigorous is requested.

4797   Framework

When copying a water analysis to flowsheet the values copied are in mg/l when they should have been copied in moles.

Fixed incorrect unit spec for molecular totals

9.5.3 General Release


  • Issues resolved for this build = 102
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
  • The AQ framwork Surface Complex Databases listed below have been removed from the installation, they are available upon request:
    • SCCCM (Capacitance Model)
    • SCNEM (Electrostatic Model)
    • SCTLM (Triple Layer Model)
July 11, 2017
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
2221 9499 Stream Analzyer

FEATURE: Please increase the vertical space for the Rate constants grid. 

Due to a grid change the vertical size of the grid has been increased

User (US) CD
2293 9819 Stream Analyzer

FEATURE: PLOT: View Data from 2nd survey variable

Updated to default to copying the plot in column mode so the 2nd variable is a column

User (US) CD
2821 11454 ScaleChem

Please add to the feature list the ability to drag a stream/analysis/saturation into a Scale Calculation object.  This would be a feature similar to what we can now do in the Mixer

Scenario, Saturator, MixingWater, and Facilities can accept external inlets through drag and drop from the tree control to the grid. In addition, the Facilities can accept inlets from the tree control to the view control.

User (US) WS
2953 11739 ScaleChem

We need a clearer way to display the hydrocarbon inflows so that the client can distinguish among the isomers, namely butane, propane, and octane.

Please add this to the bug tracker request, and make it part of the discussion we will have about inflow names (a previous request was made for the brine analysis object).

Display formulas in the databanks have been updated for these species

User (US) CD
2962 11893 Stream Analyzer

Cells should be capable of Auto-Fit in Mixer

Updated to use column auto fit rather than fitting all columns within the visble area

User (US) CD
3180 12717 ScaleChem

Conversion of oils from ScaleChem-Standard to Studio ScaleChem need warning about default density

Added an informational message during import that shows the mass issue and also shows the density that was entered if other than 1 for reference

User (US) CD
3181 12718 ScaleChem

Studio ScaleChem needs a warning about change in standard temperature when converting from ScaleChem-Standard.

Added a warning message about the std cond calculation difference

User (US) CD
3187 12727 ScaleChem

FEATURE: Error checks when importing from ScaleChem-Standard

Is there a way to include the following check:

An Oil Analysis fails
1)      Check to see if it is a calculated oil
2)      Check to see if it contains one of the following inflows
a.       Formic acid
b.      Acetic acid
c.       Propanoic acid
d.      Butyric acid
e.      HCl


If so, then can we include a dialog window when it fails that instructs the user to remove these acids so that it may converge

As per our design meeting added a link to the bottom of the import information with a link to the wiki page for conversion informaiton

User (US) CD
3462 13381 Corrosion Analyzer

Might we add the ability to switch axes in the polarization plots.  The corrosion testing papers, as best as I can see, contain these plots with the current density on the y-axis.

Added ability to swap axis on polarization plots

Agent (US) CD
3559 13765 Stream Analyzer

WaterAnalysis conversion from ppm to mg/L dramatically changes the concentrations.

Updated conversion code to more correctly handle these changes

User (US) CD
3683 14080 Stream Analyzer

The names in the Search are inconsistent.   Some categories start with properties, other starts with phases.

As of 9.5.3 the section names all being with names not phase

User (US) CD
3691 14124 Stream Analyzer

PLOT: The Y-axis is set for auto scaling for min and max.  The actual min/max of the data does range from 1.2 to 4.2 and this is the scaling in the Y-axis properties dialog. The major and minor units are 5.0 and 0.0.  This is not reflected in the auto scaling which are 1.0 and 0.5 respectively (you need to put the diagram at full screen).

Updated Minor tick Unit to be actual value not number of tick marks between major tick marks.

User (Japan) CD
3696 14128 Stream Analyzer

When investigating a solubility case we found that a composition survey does not converge all the points in the middle of the calculation.

The AQ phase is a constant composition and each point should converge.
This is MSE and turning on restart makes it work

Found issues with indexing the unknowns in the sublimation solver which resulted in singular matrix. Corrected the indexing of the unknowns.

User (US) RDY, PK
3778 14323 ScaleChem

FEATURE: Might we have a conditions tab for the Facilities, where the information, Node Name, T, P, Inflows, and Sep phases are displayed. It would be used in place of the node editor for names, condition, and separations only.  it's a faster way to review what was entered.

A new vertical tab "Conditions" is added to the Facilities. This tab shows a summary view of all the nodes including node name, number, temperature, pressure, drop solid, etc. User can use this tab to add a new node, remove a node, change T or P, and change drop solid option.

A registry setting is required to enable this feature for this version. Please contact OLI if you want to test this feature. No guarentees

User (UK) WS
3821 14352 Stream Analyzer

Change in units results in loss of mass.

When a stream is added using add a stream the total volume is carried along with the stream. We now use that value in place of an approximated value to due the unit conversion. If a composition change is made to the stream the carried volume is removed

Agent (US) CD
3828 14443 Stream Analyzer

The solver becomes very slow (or does not solve at all) when adding a
minute amount of H2S to the stream. See the “BP curve” survey. It readily solves with H2S = 0, but not with H2S = 1e-6

Confirmed: In the attached file (look for the USE This!) tag, when H2S = 0 the run time is about 3.6 seconds.  With 1.E-06 moles H2S the run-time is well over 1200 Seconds.  It seems to be stuck on a phase check for the second liquid phase.  No such phase exists when H2S = 0.0.

It could be that the H2S - Hydrocarbon interaction is incorrect.

Tested with latest development engine after h2s set to 1.0e-6 survey calculation time was 4.065 seconds with 0 h2s calc time was 3.846 seconds

User (The Netherlands) CD
3981   Stream Analyzer

Please calculate the set pH single point using different volumes, 0.001 m3, 1m3, and 755 m3.  Please look at the NaOH added in the Summary section. There is a multiplier factor that increases the concentration of NaOH used that is linked to the Stream Amount volume entered.   The report shows that the identical amount of Na+1 exists in the water regardess of the volume, so the actual flash calculation is fine.

Engine calculates the molar amount needed (mol/hr) correctly. Report and summary are currently not supported to exhibit in molar concentration unit (mol/L).

Tested in 9.5.3 and fixes for Bug 3559 have resolved this issue

User (US) PK, CD
4043 14836 Engine

Option to allow facilities calculation to continue if alkalinity calculation fails.

This needs to be addressed in the Engine, EQALK needs to continue on if Alkalinity calculation fails, and report back that the alkalinity calc failed. By return the Big number value returned by calling EQSOLD ID=501.

The case will still fail as the reason for failure is not connected to the fact that the calc alkalinity was turned on. But a warning will be issued if Alkalinity calculation fails and the calculation will continue.

Agent (US) CD, AR
4097 14969 Engine

Solver issue, incorrect phase behavior for amine splits. This seems to be a solver issue and not a databank issue.  The melting point of MEXHCL is approximately 85 C in the databank and the solver predicts 90 C.  In this case, the survey with Restart=Off has some stray MEXHCL solid above this temperature. This is unlikely to happen. A liquid phase perhaps but not a solid.

If you run the case with Retart=On (also in the file) we get a much more reasonable phase transition.

Phase inclusion/exclusion check was updated.

Agent (US) PK
4105 14980 Stream Analyzer

Would someone confirm that the minor tick marks work on the plot.  I just tried it on this file (0.5 pH unit tick marks) but the value resets to zero and the marks do not appear.   If I use a whole number, 1 for example, it works.

Confirmed.  In the attached file I cannot set the minor tick mark unless I also set the min/max to manual. Even If I do that when I come back to the plot options. Everythying is set back to the default values.

Updated Minor tick Unit to be actual value not number of tick marks between major tick marks.

User (US) CD
4111   Stream Analyzer

2nd liquid phase is removed if Prescale turned on.

Tested both cases result in no 2nd liquid phase.

4182 14954 ScaleChem

Two calculations with same feeds give different pScale values

Tested in 9.5.3 scaling tendencies are an exact match now.

User (UK) CD
4183 14988 Stream Analyzer

Please look at the concentrations of NH42CO3 and NH4HCO3 are 3286.1 and 7826.3 mg/l, respectively.   The stream amount is 100 ml. If I change the inflow units to Molar concentration, THEN change them back to concentration, the resulting values are 10x smaller, 328.6 and 782.6 mg/l.

If I use a stream amount of 10 ml, the problem does not occur

Updated conversion code to correctly handle inflow volume in all cases

User (US) CD
4277   Installation

A Japanese version of the OLI Studio manual (a/k/a OLI Analyzer) does not exist nor exist in the OLI installation set.

Separate Japanese version of the manual now installed with OLI Analyzer.

4278 15269 Engine

Scaling tendency value difference due to the scope of access of serial number. In a case file, CaCO3 is chosen as precipitating solid. While there is no solid CaCO3 formed, its post-scaling tendency = 1.00002 Isn’t this a bug?

The previous encryption caused a slight change in numbers during encpytion->decryption. This was fixed by adding a new module that encpytion->performs a lossless data encryption/decryption method by manipulating the strings read from the .dbs file instead of numbers.

User (Japan) AR
4281 15273 ScaleChem

Please turn on heat capacity properties from calculation options for the brine, gas and the saturate object.Then calculate again and it fails.

This is not related to Heat capacity. One of the main problem that we realized that in this file, the saturator is trying to precipitate the two solids , CaCO3 and CaSO4, which have a big difference in the solubilities.  If you select CaSO4.2H2O, gypsum , then your case should converge consistently.

Tested in latest development build now runs fine.

User (Japan) PK, CD
4283 15273 ScaleChem

Difference in contour plot for two files with same numbers. For the same numbers for the objects the dbs are compared, the contour plot though similar, one point fails.

This is a result of Heat Capacity/Gibbs/Entropy being calculated in one case and not the other. If they are turned on the results are the same. The source inlet (Saturate) has the same issue but does not appear to impact the contour.


User (Japan) CD
4284 15278 Engine

Right now, we show the mole fraction K when MSE is used.  These are not easily recognizable values when one learns water chemistry using molal constants.

Added support for m-based K-Values in MSE

User (US) CD
4291 15295 Engine

Inconsistent phase behavior with a amine like case. The "liquid 1" line keeps vanishing and at some point the vapor line has a bump - this calculated with RESTART=OFF.  When RESTART=ON, the lines are smooth.

Added check for both liquids. 2nd liquid analysis won't be conducted if there are already both liquids predicted by the solver.

Agent (Japan) RDY, PK
4307 15188 Engine

Phase existence issues with sublimination. What we see moving from low temperature to high is a VLE phase, then a SVE phase (sublimation) with some non-converged points, then back to a VLE region back to a SVE region.  Looks very unstable.

Current engine updates fix this issue.

User (Netherlands) PK
4324 15362 Stream Analyzer

Please add the Pre scale index to the list of plot variables.

Added Pre-Scale index and Scale index values to the stream. They can be accessed from the grid or Plot.

Agent (US) CD
4332   ScaleChem

When a point in a facilities calculation is unable to calculate alkalinity. The point should not fail, the alkalinity value for that point should be unavailable.

A warning will be issued if Alkalinity calculation fails and the calculation will continue.

4334 15286 ScaleChem

Is it possible to put a material balance table at the top of the report for the ScaleChem calculations, Facilities, Saturator, Scale Scenario, and contour?

For ScaleChem Studio calculations (Scenario, Saturator, MixingWater, and Facilities), a mass column is added to the Inlets Summary table of the report to show mass from each inlet. In the Stream Properties table a total mass row is added at the bottom of the table. In the Facilities report a new section (Mass Balance Summary) is added and the default is off (hidden). This section has a table showing the mass balance across all nodes and all external objects used in the Facilities. To see the newly implemented mass features, user may need to do a calculation if an existing case saved by early version is loaded.

User (UK) WS
4338   Stream Analyzer

Crash while importing a stream from the bin file which has PCs

Updated Studio to use newer MDL/SOL/MOD import classes to correctly import Pseudo/Components and Assays and all other chemistry model options that are supported.

4339   Stream Analyzer

I tried to import a stream with pseudocomponents in OLI Studio from a bin file, and it did not work. This capability would be useful to have.

Updated Studio to use newer MDL/SOL/MOD import classes to correctly import Pseudo/Components and Assays and all other chemistry model options that are supported

4341 15389 ScaleChem

Queued Facilities Calculations fail with a crash.

The Facilities should ignore an update request if the OLIObject is not the editor's m_pFacilities.  Also protection are implemented in the VeiwCtrl to make sure the CanvasCtrl is not NULL before using it

Agent (US) WS
4342 15387 Stream Analyzer

The speciation summary table does not have the option for hide zero rows.

Speaking with the agent, the issue is the inflow only species show no phases.
Solution is to add inflow only column if there is any inflow only species in the list.

Added inflow only column to report to identify those species

Agent (US) CD
4353 15415 Stream Analyzer

Clicking on stream name clears child calculated status.

Removed rebuild of streams chemistry model when stream was activated in UI

Agent (US) CD
4361 15432 Stream Analyzer

PLOT: Dual survey inflow variable missing in plot variable selections. If you uncheck the hide-zero check box the missing inflow variable is displayed. The variables are non-zero.

The variable hiding logic was not looking at the vary together flag of dual surveys and hiding the variable. Removed code to hide z axis variables as there is no reason to. It may be redundant to plot but that is a user choice

Agent (US) CD
4362 15434 Stream Analyzer

“Prescale tendencies were calculated at Temperature:398.15L and Pressure
40 ATM.”

The attached file and last two surveys are to study the saturation between
50 and 125C and 40 to 400 atm.  how does this warning impact this surve

Added check to update T&P while in the solver and exclude isothermal operation. The error message has been modified.

Agent (US) PK
4363   ScaleChem

When editing the node name if Delete key is pressed the "Delete Node?" message pops up. Also F2 key should initiate node name modification.

This is fixed as Delete key will delete characters in the name. Pressing F2 key can change name of the node with focus.

4364   ScaleChem

Facilities: If Node2 is requesting brine, oil, gas phase streams from Node1, Node1 should provide one whole fluid stream instead of 3 separate phase streams.

If a node is requesting brine, oil, gas from another node, it will become whole fluid internally during calculation. The UI won't show any difference. The attached file can verify the fix.  Open it with v9.5.2 the differences in pre-scale tendency between Faci_50 and Faci_50-1 can be observed before the fix.  They will be the same after the fix.

4365 15419 Engine

A case run in 9.2.8 in the water analyzer has a solution volume of 1.0 L for a 50 % NaOH solution. The same case in 9.5.2 has a solution volume of 1.2 L.

Solution volume now matches. This was aftermath of an alkalinity-fail-no-terminal-error bug fix, however, the fix for that particular bug conflicted with the pH calculation where fixed liquid volume was set through specs. AR reverted the changes.

User (US) PK
4370   ScaleChem

Current Brine does alkalinity calculation automatically, and there is no UI to turn it off. A check box should be provided to turn on/off this feature.

In Brine user can choose if alkalinity should be calcualted. A check box is implemented.  The check box is grayed out if reconcile alkalinity is selected.

4372 15445 ScaleChem

REPORT: Post-scaling tendencies for a facilities calculation reported as 0.0 but plot has non-zero values

The first 2 points have no scaling tendencies but have a solid. The scaling tendencies are not calculated if there is no Aqueous/Liquid 1 phase.
Also updated the code to not report 0 scaling tendencies, they will be shown as blank.

Agent (US) CD
4373   ScaleChem

Current Facilities has a global calculate alkalinity check box. User may want to do alkalinity calculation at certain node(s) only.

Facilities now allows alkalinity calculation set at each node. The default is off; however, the newly created node will copy the alkalinity setting from the current node (node with focus).

4382   ScaleChem

During training in Galveston, we noticed this issue, when I create an Oil analysis object and my Studio is in MSE framework, the object does not recognize the following components:

However if I switch to AQ and switch back to MSE, then the cross mark behind the names disappear.

In Oil and Gas the standard/expanded species are now stored by tags instead of formulas. Species may have different formula in Aq model than in MSE, but they have the same tags. The bug in Oil and Gas is resolved.  However, Brine still has species that only exist in Aq model (HION, MPROPAT2ION, H3SIO4ION), and when the user changed to MSE these are not valid species.

4391   Stream Analyzer

Pseudo generation from Assay Cut, Warnings are not shown in the UI, but are in the *wrn file. There is an error in 9.5.1 which was not found in last build. Should it be a warning?

From Arjun (Bug:4228) The generator reported warnings, which in this case are related to Assay cuts which are important. The codes are: 147, 152, 153, 155, 156, 157, 159, 160. Also, the Watson K errors are reported no with Cut name and fraction number.

Updated generator warning logic to check for warnings even when there are no errors. Also updated to use alist of allowed warnings in place of suppress warnings.

4392   ScaleChem

For Scenario, MixingWater, Facilities we should call Engine's EqAlkRec for all calc types (isothermal, calculate alkalinity, reconcile pH/alkalinity, reconcile CO2) for consistence purpose. Saturator will call EqSatur instead. Current code calls EqSolveD for isothermal calculation.

Alkalinity calcType will be used even doing an isothermal without calculating alkalinity for all ScaleChemStudio objects (except Saturator).

4395   Framework

If you are displaying tags and type in MG and hit the dropdown to show a list of matching MG is the first entry but the second entry MG(H2PO4)2 is selected by default.

Fixed a bug in the code that was selecting the second entry by default.

4396 15499 Stream Analyzer

TWEAK: Is it possible to optimize the column width?  More variables can be presented on the screen without scrolling if the column width was smaller. Presently the column width can be adjusted manually, but only one at a time

Changed sizing logic to try and improve column widths

User (US) CD
4400 15511 Stream Analyzer

Intermediate points failure for composition survey with isothermal calculation in MSE,

Updated how initial guess for solvent is handled case now works correctly.

for the Case when Cacl2 = 0.0 and the initial value of the solvet (water in most cases) before switching to volume units was 0 the case will fail for a compositon of 0. Updated logic to set an initial guess for the solvent in this case.

User (Denmark) PK, CD
4408 15530 Engine

Inconsistent phase behavior and volume reconcile with 2nd liquid on v. off (Isochor)

Added a check for non reactive solids in the model which bypasses Gibbs minimization initialization for non reactive solids in the system.

User (US) PK
4410 15511 Stream Analyzer

A single point isothermal calculation for 1 Liter of water and 2.2. mol/L of CaCl2 fails in Studio at 20 deg C. This used to work in 9.0.6. Can't figure out what changed between that version and the new ones, this does not work in 9.0.14 onward.

This is caused by the water being 0 before the units were changed to concentration, the water should be updated before calculation internally but it appears it is not.

When calling the solver for this case the solvent was zero, added code to give an initial guess for the solvent when it is zero.

User (Denmark) CD
4411 15535 Security

Plug-Ins: Need message to alert user that displayed plug-in is not available due to serial number

Added new column in Options->Plug-Ins page to display Status of plug ins will show one of the following "Active","No License","Available"

User (Malaysia) CD
4415   Framework

When clicking calculate the error


Appears in the output window

Updated temp directory logic to create a file that is held open until the program is closed to prevent the directory from being deleted. Also updated the cleanup code to remove the directories.

4419 15543 Stream Analyzer

When exporting to a BIN file the total stream flow is 0.0 exactly. There was a flowrate in the OAD file.

The total is now set to the correct value.

User (Netherlands) CD
4420 15547 Stream Analyzer

Solid phase selection dialog is not alphabetical

Updated solid tree to sort alphabetically and then by charge value Also changed top entry from "All" to "All Solids"

User (US) CD
4441   Framework

REPORT: Survey Scale Tendency/PRe-Scale Tendency show empty tables when no items to reports. When there are no solids in the model or all items are excluded by a filter a table with just the headers rows and columns is printed.

Updated to show
if no solids
->There are no solids in the model.
->Nothing to report.

4442   ScaleChem

If the use chooses <automatic> for an inlet flow rate, it should be available after calculation. The calculated value should be displayed on the report.

The calculated flow rate should be displayed after calculation if the inlet is using <automatic>.  This is fixed by using the m_ucvFlow in the ScenarioInletInfo to hold the calculated value if m_bAutomatic is true.

4444 15573 Stream Analyzer

The variable selection dialog does not hide entries that are not within the current temperature range when the trange option is checeked.

Updated to hide entries that are not within their temperature range when the option is checked.

User (US) CD
4466 15580 Stream Analyzer

PLOT: plotting a lot of curves will eventually plot a white color curve which does not display.

Updated auto color assignment to skip selected background color

User (Belgium) CD
4470   ScaleChem

The reported Alkalinty and HCL Added values are reported as xe8 which does not make sense

Corrected unit conversion which was incorrect in some instances for added amounts.

4472   Framework

Isochoric single point and survey calcType should be included in the Analyzer Tester

Isochoric calcType can be added to the tester (both single point and survey).

4477 15613 ScaleChem

Facilities calculation have multiple non-converged points while a survey over the same range converged

Truncated vapor in the initializer when it appears too small.

User (UK) PK
4481 15618 ScaleChem

Gas Object: Remove C6H12 from Expanded list (hexene).Somehow hexene got into the list several years ago, and we never removed it.  Please do that

C6H12 (OLI tag: C2HEXENEIN) has been removed from the Gas default expanded template.

User (US) WS
4491   Stream Analyzer

Calculated autoclave case has a valid final pressure. Save and reopen it the final pressure becomes 0. It can be observed on the summary pane or the output stream (uncheck "Hide Zero Value" option).

This is fixed by serializing the m_pUcvOutputFinalPressue member in the AutoClave class. Also obsolete members, m_pUcvAmbientTemperature and m_pUcvAmbientPressure are removed.

4492   Framework

Autoclave cases needed to be added to the tester.

Autoclave cases can now be added to the Analyzer Tester.

4506 15685 Stream Analyzer

Chemical Diagrams: subsystems not staying selected after calculation

The case uses pH as x-axis so HCL was added during calculation. This changes the subsystems and the original selected Iron was replaced by the newly added CLION. It is now fixed by excluding any new system added during calculation so the original selection will be honored and unchanged.

User (US) WS
4509 15709 ScaleChem


With latest engine changes this case now converges

User (UK) AR
4515   ScaleChem

In a case a MSE stream is missing water inflow, and if the stream is added as a Brine input to the contour plot, it fails to converge with a message:Supplied composition for all inputs are 0.0, nothing to solve.. Instead the warning message should show in the calculation output after selecting the MSE stream as a Brine that Brine contains no water.

If the total inlet flow rate is 0, then display an error message "Total flow rate from all inlets is 0.0". The engine should not be called. This is fixed in all scale calculations: Scenario, Saturator, MixingWater, Facilities, and Contour. In Facilities the node name will be specified in the error message.

4516   ScaleChem

For Contour plot and all other survey plots, the mouse wheel needs to work as a scroll along with the side scroll.

Added mousewheel support

4517   ScaleChem

When I add a single point calculation as an inlet in a contour plot, the composition of the calculation is not reflected in the reconciled composition under the design tab. User needs to add the parent object only to see the composition. File attached.

This is fixed in 3 folds:

  1. When contour inlet grid adds an inlet the inlet info will be updated automatically on the lower part of the editor.
  2. When a uncalculated brine or reconcile calc is added as an inlet the will display the user input species, i.e. with ions. If the brine or reconcile calc is calculated then the inlet info will display the equilibrated molecular species. This is fixed from the Scenario.
  3. The contour conditions page will honor the Enter key the same way the Tab key is pressed (CD Fixed).
4518 14749 Corrosion Analyzer

Change default current density to A/m2

Updated all unit sets to use A/m2 as the default unit for Current Density

User (US) CD
4519 15755 ScaleChem

Saturator calculation fails in version 9.5.3 but worked in 9.3.2 (Presumbably failed in 9.5.2)

Changes to the engine for how it initializes the saturator have fixed the issue.

User (UK) CD, RDY
4523 15766 Stream Analyzer

I have grave doubts now about direct association of mineral names with precipitates such as NAClPPT or NIOH2PPT. As I understand it, precipitates which result in process streams are more often than not in amorphous form.

It can take geologic time to convert an amorphous form into a specific mineral. Not only that but many minerals have the same chemical formula but different forms resulting from the geological history of the mineral form.

Is there any way one can switch off this association? If not, I think there should be!

Added option to names manager to turn mineral names after solids off

User (The Netherlands) CD
4525 15780 Stream Analyzer

A user is adding a balanced inflow of ions in the reconciliation calculation, but when she looks in the report, under the Stream Inflows section ( which is an independent section) the values she sees are not her inflow values, but they are the calculated values after the aqueous volume was adjusted to 1 Liter and in the process water moles along with other mol/L concentrations were altered. This confused her

Updated report section to show  both input and output when possible

User (US) CD
4526 15780 Stream Analyzer

When a user adds a Water analysis and starts adding Analysis parameters, they can be mislead by the fact that we say the Stream Amount is 1 L, because in reality our solver tries to reconcile the AQ volume to 1 Liter and not the total stream volume, which may result in a change of molar concentrations for all inputs the user has added. The Inflow parameters should reflect that terminology.

As per design meeting, added phase totals under stream amount in output tab of grid

User (US) CD
4529 15794 ScaleChem

Please expand the Standard Gas Analysis list to include
1)            ethane
2)            i-propane
3)            n-propane
4)            i-butane
5)            n-butane
6)            i-pentane
7)            n-pentane
8)            hexane

Moved 7 species to standard from expanded, i-propane is not a component in our system

User (US) CD
4530 15799 ScaleChem

Please delete from the oil analysis list
cis-2-hexene (C6H12)
carbon monoxide (CO)
ammonia (NH3)

Removed species from template and changed tempalte file location to temp[late directory from file location manager

User (US) CD
4531 15798 ScaleChem

Please delete from the gas analysis list
cis-2-hexene (C6H12)
ammonia (NH3)

Removed species from template and changed template file location to temp[late directory from file location manager

User (US) CD
4532   ScaleChem

Please delete from the water analysis list
borate, B(OH)4-1

Removed species from template and changed template file location to temp[late directory from file location manager

User (US) CD
4533 15791 ScaleChem

Please consider changing the following names

Specific Electrical Conductivity   Electrical Conductivity
Ionic Strength x-based                   Delete
Ionic Strength M-based(mol/kg)         Ionic Strength (mol/kg)

After discussion in design meeting solution was to add option to allow short names in plot which is done.

User (US) CD
4536 15784 Stream Analyzer REPORT: Scaling Tendency report is zero for calcium solids if the first point contains no calcium

Changed how values are retrieved to correctly show entries that did not exist in first point

User (The Netherlands) CD
4538 15801 ScaleChem

UNITS: Scale-English proposed changes

Change English unit defaults
Mass Fraction:  from g/g to mass%
Mole Fraction:  from mol/mol to mole%
For ScaleEnglish unit set changed moles to lbmol from kgmol

User (US) CD
4546 15831 ScaleChem

BRINE: Changing pH reconcile titrants results in crash

The dialog causing the crash is used by multiple objects and in the case of brine it was trying to send a notification to an object that does not exist. Added code to prevent notification being sent in this case.

User (US) CD
4559 15868 Corrosion Analyzer

A case has converged with no aqueous liquid phase. It is vapor and 2nd liquid. The corrosion rate calculation fails with nebulous messages. We should see that the AQ phase is not present and warn the user accordingly.

Added Error and returns if no Aqueous moles present after flash, in the stream prior to corrosion rates calculation.

User (US) AR
4560 15871 Stream Analyzer

Japanese version of OLI Analyzer launches with OLI Studio splash Screen

Updated to display correct splash screen

User (Japan) CD
4561 15877 Corrosion Analyzer

Removing of Max Pit Current Density from plot variable selection doesn't allow for reselection of the variable. It is missing in the list of avialable variables.

Fixed issue in the code which prevented Max Pit Current Density from being shown in the available list.

User (Japan) CD
4568 15894 Stream Analyzer

It is the Search Criteria tab from the Names Manager window that filters the names that users see.   My thinking is that if the list is very long, then the user can filter out names and shorten the list size.  Or visa-versa, if they want to search by a specific name or formula, they select that section only.

Added "Search Options..." button to the component search screen

User (US) CD
4569 15897 Stream Analyzer

The density correlation for Fixed Point always uses the reference pressure for the calculation regardless of the actual set pressure.

Fixed logic to use correct T&P when set fixed point

4575 15908 Stream Analyzer

Set pH single titrant always reverts back to HCl regardless of selection

Updated the select titrant page to correctly handle single titrant

User (Japan) CD
4579 15915 Stream Analyzer

I found that the report does not have any solids reported for scaling tendency although there are solids in the report and scaling tendencies appear in the output grid.

The change made for surveys to fix data not being shown changed how data was being retrieved. This inadvertently broke the single point reports.
This is now fixed.

User (US) CD
4580 15911 Stream Analyzer

This is a simple request.  There is a CaSiO3 phase in Geochem (PWOLLAST) without a mineral identity.  It’s LOLN pseudowollastonite.  Might we add this name so that it appears  in the report.

The name was being suppressed because it was found in parens in the display name. This was a case sensitive match so in AQ the display the name was all lower and the LOLN was upper/lower case. In the MSE databanks it was lower in both so it was suppressed. Changed logic to only supress then mineral name for the display name if it is found there. All others forms
(formula/Tag) will show it previously the match removed it from all forms.

User (US) CD
4582   Stream Analyzer

The solid ND(OH)CO3 is not selectable as the "Solid to synthesize" for a yield diagram.

The problem here was 2 fold
1) The databank had an all upper case formula which was parsed incorrectly, Nitrogen(N) in place of Neodymium (Nd)
2) The solid section page was using the formula to look for matches to the redox subsystem selected.

Changed the lookup to use matcodes for the subsystem to match the correct solids. This is a much more reliable method.
The databank was also updated to have the correct forumla which is also used for periodic table component search.

4589   Stream Analyzer

The stream condition option is using the calculation temperature/pressure. It should be using the parent stream conditions

Changed "Stream condition" to "Parent stream condition" and use the parent stream conditions.

4611 15962 ScaleChem

A file that was originally run in 9.5.2 and it ran but with unconverged points now crashes after point 6 or so.

Buffer size was not long enough for some cases for output error string.
Also fixed  another error disply problem.

User (US) AR
4624 16065 ScaleChem

What was the reason for removing the scale tendency table from Brine Analysis?   It’s in the software up to V9.3.2.  Did we decide to remove it?  if not, please add it back in.

The method used for collecting species to display was changed and required a change to brine for support.

User (US) CD
4625 16067 ScaleChem

Please add as a feature request the mole % of the pseudo component to the Assay Properties table.  Perhaps the second column

We can word wrap the title.  Also, please consider rounding off the calculated values.  Perhaps Andre’s group can provide a reasonable rounding specification for each column.

Added Mole % as 2nd column of summary grid

User (US) CD
4626 16066 ScaleChem

Please make the Assay properties table shorter and the Volume/Temperature grid taller.  I think a reasonable rule of thumb is to make them even, since the number of cuts which sets the height of the Assay Properties table is roughly the same as the number of volume measurements entered.

This is what I currently see in the new version (953).  There are seven viewable volume rows and 22 viewable assay rows.

Increased the number of rows to 10, if more are needed it will require a change to the layout management.

User (US) CD
4627 16074 Framework

An object in the My Object panel doesn’t clear when deleted.

Library now attempts to create the folder it represents on startup if it is unable to create the folder drag drop is disabled.

User (US) CD
4630 16086 Corrosion Analyzer

A thermal aging plot should have the variable "Depletion Profile" as a selectable variable. It was available in earlier versions.

A change to how plot parameters are retrieved to solve an issue with parameters that did not exist in the first point but did in subsequent points resulted in this bug. Updated code to return depletion parameter

9.5.2 General Release


  • Issues resolved for this build = 45
  • Versions 9.3.3 to 9.5.1 were not released to the public.
  • There has been no databank change since 9.3.1
December 20, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
2398 10221 Stream Analyzer

pScaleTend not the same when solids turned on and off when calculating a non-isothermal object (such as dew point).

The current algorithm for PScale Tendency in the Solver works for TP flash.
The idea of pScale is to calculate scale tendency before solid phase is introduced in the process of convergence at fixed T and P.

Since this case is a flash calculation of fixed P and vapor fraction, the resultant T will be varied from the initial value. However the pScale is calculated based on the initial T, rather than the final resultant T. the pScale cannot be calculated at the final T since at that time, the solid phase has already introduced. Speciation and activity coeff. of the system are not the same as before the solids are introduced.

Solver will issue warning message if the pScale calculation T&P is different than the final conditions.

Agent (US) ODT, PK
2652 10956 ScaleChem

The crash I am submitting occurs when the ion exchange reactions are brought into the Facilities and Saturation object.   It appears to be crashing at the model generate step and it crashes the software.   The calculation works fine in the standard Mixer (object above the facility).

The Scaling Species Array was not long enough to take add extra SOL species (only '.' and 'PPT' was allowed), which are considered as solids that can be precipitated. So when solids are turned off, the scaling species name maxed out.

Agent (US) AR
2861 11651 ScaleChem Facility Tab order is weird:

Tab order is a little weird:
it goes Node name-> Separate Gas-> separate Oil -> nowhere-> remove node-> Add node -> rename node -> drop solids-> in, out reset -> nowhere-> flow->

Enter key does not do anything.

Once user click any data raw the Tab will follow the requested order. All ScaleChem grids serialize the current cell location, so if user click on certain cell and click other object and comes back the cell will remain at user's previous selection. MixingWater's inlet types are read only so they will not be set focus. Saturator's solid selection grid may lose focus sometimes. This may need further research. Contour dialog's 2 "Number Steps" are radio buttons so even they are not tab stop, they do receive tab message.

Agent (US) WS
3676 13948 ScaleChem

REPORT: Stream inflow table is unformatted (and too long)

Stream Inflows is a wrong title for the table. It should be Inlets Summary.Changed section title to "Inlets Summary" and each table's title to location name.

User (US) WS
3812 14411 ScaleChem

Another development I would like to see is being able to make copies of stream unit ops i.e facilities. I would like to be able just to copt all the nodes and associated stream data as many time I like. At the moment I have to recreate each facilities unit from scratch if I’m running different cases. This makes doing multiply cases very time consuming.

Copy and Paste of ScaleChem objects is implemented and for Scenario, Saturator, MixingWater, and Facilities paste is only allowed within the same document.

User (Australia) WS
4039 14816 ScaleChem

Please review the Saturator Report

  1. Might the saturation details report be tightened and also brought
    to the top of the report
  2. Is there any way to loop the Oil (and gas) composition report? This calculation results in a very long and thin table.

The Saturation Details table is moved up to the top of the report. The Oil/Gas composition table is expanded to up to 6 columns so the length of the table will be reduced.  Header row will be repeated in case the table is broken into more than one page when printed out.

Agent (US) WS
4042   Stream Analyzer

Clicking apply or OK button after going into specs does not clear calculation results.

Updated calc spec dialogs to correctly clear calculation results

4047 14848 Stream Analyzer

Would you make the REDOX box taller?  For instance, the complete Sulfur system cannot fit in the existing window. 

Increased the height of then redox tree control to fill the dialog

Agent (US) CD
4049 14841 Corrosion

Alloys created via the Alloy Manager are not selectable from the drop down list.

Updated the code to add valid user alloys to the drop down list

Agent (Japan) CD
4050   ScaleChem

Contour calculation has alkalinity check box but does not calculate alkalinity.

Removed Alkalinity checkbox from Contour screen, calculating alkalinity is not supported for contour plots.

4051 14853 Corrosion

Reloading a case with Alloy Manager species saved in mass units opens in mole units without proper conversions.

Updated logic to correctly handle mass/mole % for alloys

Agent (Japan) CD
4056   ScaleChem

Scenario using a inlet with Mole unit may crash the report.

This is caused by the incorrect unit conversion.

4057   Import/Export

Currently Aspen Hysys streams can be imported but Hypos are skipped during import.

Hypos can now be imported from HYSYS. Only the three properties are imported Normal Boiling Point, Specific Gravity and Molecular Weight.

4058 14867 Stream Analyzer

I don’t see a Wiki link in OLI studio.   Would it be beneficial to add one to the Help menu?

Added Support Wiki... option to Help Menu also updated contact support to use new dialog

Agent (US) CD
4064   Tester

Current tester can only turn on/off the entire subsystem. Some MSE cases require turning on the subsystem with some valences being off within the subsystem.

Tester can further select which valences under an enabled subsystem being off.

4067 14829 Stream Analyzer

Autoclave calculation fails. Errors about zero'd inflows. OUE file has a lot of NaN values.

Initial estimates have been provided to the solver at the expense of calculation time. This may result additional cases to converge. In any case the estimates are unsatisfactory, the solver will proceed as it was before.

However, total calculation time will increase for the estimation step.

User (US) PK
4071 14887 Stream Analyzer

REPORT: Reconciliation report incorrectly reporting total volume of aqueous phase.

The water value in the report is now showing the Aqueous phase instead of the total. Also fixed is the alkalinity row where Measured should reflect the user input value even if the alkalinity is not reconciled. The difference column and the unit header row are removed. If both measured and calculated alkalinity are 0.0 then don't show the row.

User (Europe) WS
4076   Stream Analyzer

Add a stream ->Add HCL -> 1mol -> MSE, turn 2nd Liq on -> Add a single point isothermal calc -> Calculate -> Add a survey -> Add second variable as Pressure -> Calculate -> View plot -> click on Contour -> It will say that the selected data cannot be plotted as a contour -> go to variables -> Add pH ( or any other variable you k now works for contour) -> click view data -> click contour again -> Crash.

Fixed issue with a pointer not being correctly handled when deleted.

4084 14936 Stream Analyzer

UNITS: Add new surface tension unit

Added dyne/cm as a new unit for surface tension / interfacial tension. Also Interfacial Tension  was changed to Interfacial Tension LLE as the dispaly name

Agent (US) CD
4085   Stream Analyzer

UNITS: Add PSIG (Gauge) units for Pressure

Added PSIG with a set offset of 1 atm (14.696 psi)

Agent (US) CD
4090 14899 ScaleChem

REPORT: Error in mass balance when using CO2 Fraction as a reconcile type. The sum of the AQ and VAP phases do not equal the total.

This is fixed by using the total mass from the molecular apparent.

Agent (US) WS
4091 14910 ScaleChem

Dominate Pre-scaling tendency does not truly honor "Plot data which is within temperature range"

Fixed logic to correctly handle dominant selection based on temperature range option

Agent (US) CD
4093 14956 Framework

The two ionic strength variables are indistinguishable – is it possible to change the names to 

Ionic Strength – Liq1 (mol/mol)
Ionic Strength – Liq1 (molal)

Or something like this

Also, are we willing to truncate Strength to Str. And are we using Liq1 or Aq into the future?

The code to update the pressure range was updating the temperature range in certain cases. Refactored code for rangeAdded (m-based) and (x-based) to Ionic Strength namesupdating to fix the issue.

Agent (US) CD
4096   ScaleChem

The Left and Right arrow keys should allow user to navigate through nodes, and "Ctrl + arrow" should move node. Del key can delete node.

The user can now move the focus of a node by using the Left and Right arrow key. Also using "Ctrl + arrow" and move the node to a different location.
Delete key can delete a node.

4101 14970 ScaleChem

CONTOUR plot variable ranges reset randomly when entering other fields.

The code to update the pressure range was updating the temperature range in certain cases. Refactored code for range updating to fix the issue.

Agent (US) CD
4106 14981 Stream Analyzer

OUTPUT GRID: Change units and MBG section dissappears after changing units.

Fixed issue here current state was not being saved for certain changes.

Agent (US) CD
4110 24972 Corrosion Analyzer

"*** Error: A constituent in the inflow species XXX..." Message appears when some solids are disabled in Chemistry Model.

Updated to ensure the contact metal is in the inflows and changed warning message to an error message is the contact surface metal is not enabled in the solid phase

Agent (US) CD
4134 15009 Stream Analyzer

A chemical diagram fails in 9.3.2 but works ok in 9.2.8

An internal function parameter list was updated but the use for this case was missed. Updated code to resolve issue.

User (Europe) CD
4135 15014 Stream Analyzer

This is an easy bug request.  The Self diffusivity table in the Customize window of the report is called “Report Contents”

Restored section title and category which were accidentally deleted

Agent (US) CD
4167 15079 Stream Analyzer

Is there are way to create a report of OLI Stream Analyzer’s assumed species MWs?   We wouldn’t need all the species, but a subset that are of interest for one of our projects.

The molecular weights are added into the Speciation Table and the format of the table is modified. Species names will be on the left column and each phase will be a new column.  An "X" will mark the associated phase
column(s) for a species if it exists in the phase(s). User Inflows and Related Inflows columns are removed; however, if a species only exists in the User Inflows or in the Related Inflows, it will be displayed with no "X" on any of the phase column. On the other hand, e.g., if a species only exists in the Vapor phase, and the Vapor phase is turned off, the entire row for the species will be hidden.

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4168   Framework

When calculating a mixer or any cascaded calculations, the source objects should be locked from the time the mixer is queued for calculation until the calculation is complete.

Updated calculation logic to lock all required sources until the calculation as a whole is complete.

4174 15086 Corrosion Analyzer

Corrosion Rates calculation permitted to begin in MSE when this is not a supported phenomena, should be locked out.

Updated status to return invalid when a rates calculation is set to use MSE

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4208   ScaleChem

Delete a calculated brine may cause incorrect reference count. Map still has the brine as well as its ReconcileCalc. Another issue is that after a brine calculation the engine is not unloaded since Brine is set as a ResultCalc. This may cause a heap corruption.

For the reference count bug it is fixed by overriding the
prepareForDeletion() in Brine and clear the result and the ReconcileCalc before calling base's prepareForDeletion(). For the heap corruption bug a temporary workaround is adding a transition Boolean t_bCanUnloadSolverForResultCalc in ScratchPadCalc and have Brine and other ScaleChem objects setting it true before calculation.

4235   Framework

Water analysis case stuck on ion entry, shows they are not valid chemical. There seems no work around once it starts happening.

When hide zero rows is enabled in the grid, values with zero values and an error are not shown. Updated logic to ignore the hide zero flag if the value is zero so the row is always shown.

4249   ScaleChem

When a Facilities contains assay generated pseudo components, the calculated state in certain node(s) may get cleared after save and open.

This is due to the Bug#3097 fix that assay generated PCs were removed from the input stream's user inflow as well as the chemistry model. In Facilities we use a global chemistry model and each node may have different species. Thus the node(s) with assay generated PCs being 0.0 will have these PCs removed during Stream::postSerialization() and the calculated state is cleared. It is now fixed that PCs with zero values can be removed only when the associated assay exists in the user inflows.

4251 15205 Stream Analyzer

Please change the default units of specific conductance to umho/cm from ohm/m.    Most of the client data I’ve received uses these units.

Changed default unit to umho/cm

User (US) CD
4272   ScaleChem

When the user changes the inlet type on an existing inlet in the grid, if the existing provider can fulfill the new type then the name of the provider should remain in the inlet name cell.  Current version automatically deletes the existing inlet name and requires the user to enter a inlet name.

The existing inlet will stay if it can provide the new type that user selected.  The other fix is that inlet type dropdown list will include types regarding the current provider-receiver relationship. For example if
Node2 is taking WF from Node1, then BrineFrom, OilFrom, GasFrom are available types when user click the dropdown list on the WF from cell. This is because these inlet types are inclusive in the WF from inlet type.

4287   ScaleChem

In Facilities, node stream species may exist in both user inflows and related inflows. In the attached case CO2 exists in both user inflows and related inflows in the result stream of Node1

In updateRelatedInflowsAndSpeciesArray() if species already exists in user inflows, don't add it to the related inflow.

4288   Stream Analyzer

Delete 2 species by highlighting the entire rows and press delete on the parent stream. Now calculation on the child calcObject will fail.

This is due to chemistry model not being updated correctly.

4297   Tester

In the AnalyzerTester if the user modifies input numbers during manual testing a single case, he should be able to see the change of the result numbers even if the test doesn't flag any error.

Verbose feature added to the manual testing function. User can enable the verbose checkbox to see the detailed data comparison

4311   ScaleChem

Change solid-inflow pair in the Saturator may not clear the Calculated state

Code is added to set the state to normal when user modifies the solid-inflow selection in the grid.


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