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OLI Flowsheet Release Notes

The current release notes for the OLI Flowsheet 9.6 software. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes.

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Build Number Release Status Description Date
    Starting with Version 9.6.2 and later the release notes for all products can be located here: OLI Software Release Notes for 9.6  
9.6.1 General Release


  • Number of bugs resolved for this build since the last release = 46
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
June 11, 2018
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
4213 16522 Chemistry Model

Flowsheet does not show warnings passed in the WARNING vector (not ERROR vector) during chemistry generation.

This was a regression introduced with the changes made forBug 4732 (Errors are erased as fixes are made). Corrected the code that caused the regression.

4439   User Interface

Priority List Item: Add RO Membrane UI

Added new RO Membrane unit operation. This was available in version 9.5.4 as a beta item. It is now generally available.

OLI (OLI Development Team) SD
4451   User Interface

Priority List Item: Unit Operation - Incinerator

it is a Gas Incinerator, it has been added

OLI (OLI Development Team) ZL
4668 16221 User Interface

UNITS: want to change solid fraction from mole units to mass units (similar vapor to volume units)

- Added a new volumn fraction unit setting
- Reporting Liquid-1, Solid, Vapor, Liquid-2 and Total in the new Phase Fraction section
- New section including True, Apparent Mole, Mass, Volume Fraction in all phases

User (Delaware) ZL
4704 16293 Engine

The attached cases have one that converges when the number of vessels is set (at 26).  The other is essentially the same case but the volume recovery is set and the number of vessels is allowed to adjust. This fails.

Fixed with current version of the engine as in development build.

4719 16326 User Interface

CONTROLLER: The current requirement for the controller is that both the min and max must be specified. Is this necessary, and is it possible to modify the code so that the user need only set one?

Showing default values in grey color

User (New Jersey) ZL
4731 16360 User Interface

Missing object name for apparent recycle error. Is it possible to link the error message to the set tear streams screen, which is hidden under the process options? A tooltip? Help button?

Implemented realtime checking for recycles/tear streams. If an error is found, it is reported in the errors window with additional hyperlinked guidance text to launch the tear selection UI.

4795 16455 User Interface

KINETICS section.  PLEEEEASE label the kinetic variables for the Arrhenius input with units !!!!!!!

Added units to the captions for keywords for std (arrhenius) rate definition.

Also, now displaying a short description for said keywords as a tooltip when mouse hovers over the keyword in the variables definition grid
User (Deleware) SD
4800   User Interface

When the equation for a kinetics reaction is modified by clicking on the 'Modify..,' button in the 'Edit Kinetics Reactions' dialog, the modifications are not applied.

Fixed bug in code that tests to check if the modified kinetics equation is a duplicate of an existing equation.

4828   Chemistry Model

FEATURE: Add MSESRK databank family support

MSESRK framework support added

Added warnings for components (inflows or related inflows) that have not been validated against the MSE-SRK thermo framwork. The warnings are shown in both the chemistry model's inflows grid as well as in the Errors window.

To facilitate the above changes, the inflows grid now also displays the related inflows as an additional section. This new sections is initially collapsed (or un-expanded) by default.

OLI (OLI Development Team) ZL
4844 16570 Chemistry Model

I noticed that when I entered an incorrect Define statement. That the Rate equation disappeared.

The rate expression was getting reset in the internal data structure when a define variable was added/renamed.

User (New Jersey) SD
4846   User Interface

1. Add a splitter block or a membrane block, (one input blocks) 
2. Connect a stream to the input
3. Go to the properties panel and use the drop down to disconnect the stream
4. Use the drop down again to connect the stream and it does not connect visually

Disconnecting and subsequently reconnecting an inlet stream from a unit operation's property page was causing the link to remain visually disconnected in the flowsheet. Corrected code that was responsible for re-routing the link.

4855   User Interface

When a sensitivity parameter range value edit field has keyboard focus and the simulation is run, the edit field starts behaving erratically.

This happens when the edit control becomes disabled for the duration of the simulation and is automatically re-enabled when the simulation completes. When it re-enables and we click on another field and then back to the original edit field, the edit field does not activate and stops accepting keyboard input in some cases.

Fixed code that was handling keyboard input events.

4860 16573 User Interface

I moved three streams from the reactor to mixer.  They do not appear on the flowsheet, but you can see in the Properties panel that they have been moved

The flowsheet view was out sync with the actual process connection description. Added code to ensure that they are synchronized whenever the changes are made.

User (New Jersey, USA) SD
4880 16767 User Interface

When dragging from Studio to ESP, the dragged stream in ESP does not display the default units but go to the program standard (moles...). I could find no way to automatically apply the ESP units to the dragged stream, which means that I need to redefine the units every time I drag a revised stream.

Improved code to setup units for pasted stream.

The program will import the stream in the original source units whenever possible.

When the source units are not supported (namely concentration by volume), the program now converts the stream to the process's default units.

User (Montreal, Quebec, Canda) SD
4885 16780 Chemistry Model

A user was unable to use the MSE-SRK thermodynamic Framework in the beta test.

- Corrected SRK database family keyword to match the engine keyword "SRKH3O"
- Need to update DataProvider and OLISQLiteDataProvider DLLs
- Update OLIDatabaseConverter
- Reconvert SRK database

Beta Tester (Australia) ZL
4891 16789 Error Message

The upstream column failed which should have failed the TEAR stream. It is the split block that actually gets reported. This is confusing.

Corrected code to report the first failed operation that is reported by the solver.

User (New Jersey, USA) SD
4897   User Interface

In ESP original, feedback controller can be used to control composition such as mole fraction in a particular phase. This per phase selection is not there in OLI Flowsheet. So, controlling a composition at one particular phase is difficult for a mixed-phase stream.

Added code to show phase selection options in the specifications page for a controller when the targeting composition in fraction/concentration units.

4918 16878 Error Message

An error occurred while running the simulation. Details: Unspecified run-time error

The inlet to RO membrane was not connected (it looks to be connected since the stream F-3-5D is touching it but is not actually connected).

Added code to check if the all required inlets and outlets to the RO membrane block are connected and report errors in the Errors window.

User (New Jersey, USA) SD
OS-27 17063 Engine, User Interface

Currently cross-referencing hydration number calculations for both the models. Hydration number calculation for charged heavy metal complexes seem unrealistic for the AQ model. This may be a limitation of AQ model for dealing with Uranium complexes through membrane.

The rigorous model was extended to have a simplier model when negative values were obtained.

OLI (New Jersey) PK
OS-36 16761 User Interface

(RO Membranes) FEATURE: Customer is looking for a membrane manager to be able to view the membrane data and possible see a datasheet.

Membrane manufacturer data has been incorporated into the source code.

User (Canada) SD
OS-37 16760 Engine, User Interface

"THE RATED VESSEL CAN APPROXIMATELY PRODUCE A MAXIMUM PERMEATE FLOW OF 0.65291 M3, AND MINIMUM PERMEATE FLOW OF 0.21546 M3, DEPENDING ON FEED OSMOTIC PRESSURE. INCRESE FEED FLOW RATE OR CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE OF MEMBRANE" . Issue no 2 - The message talk about flow, but quotes volume? In the end the error was due to a feed pressure too high: pressure is not even mentioned in the message.

Proposed verbiage for the changed error message: Based on your settings, the permeate will be between 0.21546 m3/hr and 0.65291 m3/hr. However, your RO-block input feed is only 0.11954 m3/hr. To resolve this error, raise the input feed to at least half-way between the Min and Max values.

Beta Tester (Montreal) PK
OS-38 16738 Engine, User Interface

have difficulties reading this message on the screen, it is not properly formatted: "THE RATED VESSEL CAN APPROXIMATELY PRODUCE A MAXIMUM PERMEATE FLOW OF 0.65291 M3, AND MINIMUM PERMEATE FLOW OF 0.21546 M3, DEPENDING ON FEED OSMOTIC PRESSURE. INCRESE FEED FLOW RATE OR CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE OF MEMBRANE" . Please make sure the message wrap around the Error window, and drop these all caps statements.

The messages now properly wrap in the error dialog and the font changed to be more readible.

User (Montreal) SD, PK
OS-40 16733 Engine

We just had an RO introduction and the end-user asked me about thiosulfate. I added as low as 1ppm Na2S2O3 to my introduction case and it failed with a NAN at the last iteration. If you remove the Na2S2O3, the simulation works fine. Again, I hope itís a simple misuse of the tool on my part.

Case should actually have failed. A singular matrix was created. The error handeling routines were updated.

User (Montreal) PK
OS-68 16879 User Interface

The H2O Liquid 2 is missing from the list for Species Composition in the Feed forward and Feed Back controllers

Missing component added to list

User (New Jersey) CD
OS-225 16799 Engine

(RO Membranes) The calculations can be extremely sensitive to the feed pressure. The attached simulation ESP2 will fail repeatedly if the pressure is changed by only 5 kPa. The saved version works, but increasing the pressure will cause various failures, either NAN our matrix inversion, it varies. This lack of robustness is problematic.

For steep slope, steps were damped.

User (Canada) PK
OS-227 17020 User Interface

FEATURE: User would like to update an existing stream in OLI Flowsheet to reduce the amount of work needed when pasting a new stream to replace an existing stream in OLI Flowsheet.

Copy and Past previously implemented but the copy allows to update an existing stream.

OS-229 17062 Engine, User Interface Please look at the attached RO calculation. This is one of thirty-six RO experiments that Veolia commissioned.

The issue is that several metals, Mg+2, Cu+2, Ni+2, and Pb+2 are have zero permeabilities (rejected completely). Iím focusing on Mg+2 in the callouts.

Iíve tried doubling the flow rates and pressures, but got the same results.

Better convergence optained

OLI (New Jersey) PK
OS-243 16851 User Interface

The osmotic pressure is critical to the RO calculation, and presently the user needs to manually adjust the pump (or mixer) outlet pressure so that the RO block doesnít converge because of osmotic-hydraulic differences. The goal is to make something like this be possible Ė the waterís osmotic pressure is fed to the FF and that value plus a differential (perhaps Prodip can suggest the differential P) is forwarded to the pump.

Enabled controller to measure osmotic pressure

OLI (New Jersey) AR, ZL
OS-246 17035 Engine

Three RO Membrane error messages commonly seen on failures and investigating reasons behind it so as to come up with a new verbiage for those error messages.

Updates/corrections include:
1. Correction in fouling factor calculation
2. Update in membrane calibration convergence, tight tolerance, iteration count, initializing variables
3. Improvement in membrane solver convergence

OS-249 16930 User Interface

A user created the attached case and used reaction kinetics for equations from the GeoChem database. These equations have the obsolete keyword "GEN". The equation parser should ignore this keyword.

The plan for this issue is to remove the GEN keyword from the databanks, it is no longer used the text is completely ignored.

OLI (New Jersey) CD
OS-250 16935 User Interface A user currently as a problem in that he needs to have two (or more) chemistry models in a single process. Each model has the same inflows but will use different databases.

What he is trying to simulate is fast reaction kinetics vs. slow reaction kinetics. In one database a species has no equilibrium equation which means the ions are completely dissociated (Fast kinetics). Elsewhere in the process the component has an equilibrium equation (slow kinetics).

Currently you can only specify the databases to be uses in the master model

Added support for multiple chemistry models to have different databanks provided that they are within the same thermodynamic family

User (Delaware) SD
OS-255 16955 User Interface

Missing Stream Parameters (ORP) (also affects controllers)

Added ORP in the report and allow user to set spec. type to ORP in controller

OLI (New Jersey) ZL
OS-265 16994 User Interface

"Solid Only" stream reports a liquid phase when it probably should not

Added code in Flowsheet: ESP to handle the odd cases where the true speciation data returned from the solver includes non-zero H2O liq-1 phase even though the total liq-1 amount is zero.

OLI (New Jersey) AR, SD
OS-272 17002 User Interface I noticed that the molecular conversion output does not have related inflows. ESP Original has all the related inflows in the Molecular Conversion Option. Case is attached.

The users want to eliminate P2O5 from the apparent output. However due to absence of that option, they can not do that. They only have Ca3PO4 in the inflows and no P2O5.

Related inflow list has been added to the molecular conversion option

User (Tennesse) SD
OS-277 17061 Engine

Missing INAM and RADI in transport properties chapter are required to calculated crystal radius of complex ions. This will help getting a rough estimate of hydration number. This is both for AQ and MSE model.

Rather than filling in the INAM and RADI entries for which primary data are not available, it is much more practical to define default values for the hydration numbers according to the regularities observed based on the compilation of Marcus (Ion Properties).

OS-291 17163 User Interface

(Feature) In order to make the membrane library more useful to customers, Technical Support/Customer Success needs to provide a recommended list of membranes for the library.

Membrane list created

OS-303 17162 Engine

Factoring the membrane area internally when feed flow rate too high or too low for the membrane. Membranes only handle a fixed amount of feed flow for a given membrane area, feed pressure, permeability. Users may not have idea how much the membrane can handle. Having the capability of factoring membrane area internally may help convergence for some cases.

The algorithm was modified to vary the area for those special conditions.

Warning message to display:
The simulation cannot be performed with the current settings because the estimated permeate flux is greater than or nearly equal to the calculated feed flow rate to the membrane. The specified element area was reduced by xx% from X m2 to Y m2 to allow the simulation to continue.

OS-306 17129 User Interface

FEATURE: From the requirements document. The Extractor block exists in ESP-O but only supports the AQ framework. Engine work would have to be done to allow the Extractor block to work with MSE.

A development build of Flowsheet: ESP with extractor block was built on 2/6/2018 for developer-level testing.

Per discussion with developer team including Bob:

1. Bob tested said development build and fixed several engine related issues that were observed.
2. Bob is going to add reporting of solid phases in the engine results.
3. Said solid phases need to be reported in Flowsheet: ESP's report.
4. The phase for density is incorrectly labeled in Flowsheet: ESP's extractor block's report. This needs to be corrected.

OS-305 17095 Engine Please run the case. It will fail at RO-1, and the error is a negative driving force, with a reported osmotic differential pressure of 32.755 atm (see image).

The RO-1 inlet stream is very dilute, and if you change the booster-1 pressure to 22 atm (it is set to 21 right now), the calculation converges in the first pass, and the calculated osmotic pressure of the concentrate streams (S23 or RO-1 conc) is 2.2 atm. Therefore, the 32.755 atm differential pressure reported in the Error does not appear to be linked to this calculation.

1. Update error reporting
2. Less failure errors than before due to area factoring wor

OS-311 17378 User Interface

In the membrane manager, secondary components are usually defined as total dissolved element (e.g., total boron(III) in solution). To avoid confusion between the total dissolved element and a particular species, an explanation needs to be added in the membrane manager.

Added an additional field to the manufacturer's data record used in the membrane library's underlying database. The additional field can be used to specify an alternate component name for species whose performance data is given.

Updated the previously populated excel database file to include the additional field. This field is optional and currently only available for "Species 2" in the database.

Manufacture or customers can provide alternate text to display for the 2nd salt. Also fixed is that the top left corner icon is now removed. The grid will show the formula and when mouse is hovering a tooltip will show the display name for the species.

OS-318 17363 User Interface

Sometimes multiple callouts need to be placed for different streams but showing essentially the same variables. There is currently no easy way to copy and paste callouts.

Implemented Callout copy and paste for the following 3 use cases

Copy a callout and right click a stream or a block to paste
Copy a callout and right click another callout to paste and overwrite the callout
Copy a callout and right click an empty location on the flowsheet, pasting with a popup a stream/block dialog after selecting a valid object

OS-346 17271 User Interface

When working with Multiple Chemistry Models, the manipulator block does not correctly map components.

Inflow species were mapped to use in the block specific chemistry model.

OS-353 17444 User Interface

FEATURE: Is it possible to get in the Hide Zero values for the Callout variable table. It would be on by default.

Hide zero species in variable selection dialog tree node

Add a check box to turn on or off (Default ON)
Displaying hide zero messages


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