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OLI Flowsheet Release Notes

The current release notes for the OLI Flowsheet 9.5 software. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes.

Click here for the release notes for the Pre-Release versions (9.2 and 9.3)

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Build Number Release Status Description Date
9.5.4 General Release


  • Number of bugs resolved for this build since the last release = 44
  • New Unit Operations Added
    • Pump
    • RO Membrane
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
October 30, 2017
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3608   User Interface

The Pseudo- component tree under chemistry tab is always in an expanded state, user might want to close it to make scrolling through inflows easier.

The program now remembers the expanded/collapsed state of assays and pseudo-components specs tree in the grid.

3671 14070 User Interface

FEATURE: Please add to the Feature list (not necessarily a priority) an "Ignore" button for the controller.   If Ignore is selected, then the controller object color is changed, or "greyed out"

Add option to disable a controller. The option is accessible from the controller's property page. When disabled, the controller is drawn washed-out in the flowsheet indicating that it is disabled.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3686 14025 User Interface

FEATURE: Limit list in component splitter. Current list contains all the possible inflow species and not just what the user entered.

The list is now much more manageable - solids only species which will not form are no longer shown in the list. Also the species now appear in alphabetical order which makes it more convenient to locate species.

Bete Tester (US) SD
3796   User Interface

If I remove the heat duty value in the Adiabatic mixer specs and leave the field blank, Flowsheet gives me an error. The field could be defaulted to zero so that users won't have to input value there after deleting an existing value.

Removing the heat duty value in an adiabatic mixer now defaults the field to 0.

3883 14538 Engine/Error

Chemistry Model Generator Error message but cannot determine for which species it applies

The warning messages now appear correctly in the Errors window

Beta Tester (US) SD
3894   Chemistry Model

Entering a wrong inflow and moving to the next row locks up the arrow keys. The up arrow does not work till a new component is entered on the next row, only then it allows you to go back and delete the wrong inflow. This could be a potential problem for a user who wants to enter components in the specific order.

The inflow grid now behaves as expected when wrong inflows are entered.

4015 14719 User Interface

The page starts in the top left corner instead of the middle, so I cannot expand the model upwards or to the left without moving everything around and then stuffing up the layout I spent so long on. HYSYS, for example, starts in the middle and you can expand outwards.

The program no longer has a hard limit for the top-left corner of the flowsheet canvas. The top-left bounds of the canvas are automatically expanded as components are added or moved near the top/left edges of the canvas.

User (US) SD
4156 15026 User Interface

FEATURE: When the model crashes because of an error, the Output Window switches to the "Errors" pane. The Output window does not reswitch to "Output" automatically, so when restarting the simulation the user has the impression nothing is happening.

Pressing "Run" erases the Error and the Output windows. Not sure why this is so. Given this, why do we even have a separate Error window? Could be on the Output page

The program now has an option to "Automatically activate "Output" window when simulation starts". This option appears in the "Options" dialog, under "General options" (accessible from main menu's Tools->Options).

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4173   User Interface

If the Flowsheet is visible and you hit say alt+f to bring up the file menu, arrow keys do not navigate the menus.

Fixed issue that was causing the main menu to be unresponsive to array keys in flowsheet view mode.

4179 15094 User Interface

The “Output” mouse-over that appears when adding a stream to the outlet of a unit should probably be called Outlet. This is when adding a stream and the mouse-over tag is displayed.

Renamed the label "Output" to "Outlet".

User (US) SD
4186 15102 User Interface

Activate the F9 key as it is in OLI Studio.

Added F9 as shortcut key to run simulation.

User (US) SD
4213   Chemistry Model

Flowsheet does not show warnings passed in the WARNING vector (not ERROR
vector) during chemistry generation.

Chemistry generation warnings are now correctly retrieved from the solver and shown in the Errors window.

4243   User Interface

Compressor/Turbine Isentropic efficiency and Mechanical Efficiency are not shown in Parameters section.

Default values of isentropic efficiency and mechanical Efficiency are now shown.

4256 15240 Chemistry Model

Might we create some triggers to turn on 2nd liquid automatically.  Is an organic with a MW of hexane or greater ok?

Added code to automatically enable 2nd liquid for organics following the same logic as OLI Studio.

User (US) SD
4369 15417 User Interface

Mass-Transfer: Vapor phase temperature profile seems to be in error

Profile was correct, chemstry was in error.

User (Germany) PK
4429   User Interface

FEATURE: Import Streams and objects from OLI Studio

Streams can now be copied and pasted or dragged and dropped from OLI Studio.

OLI Development Team CD
4457   User Interface FEATURE: The PUMP unit operation has been added to the user interface OLI ZL
4464   User Interface

FEATURE: Export Streams to OLI Studio

Streams can now be copied and pasted or dragged and dropped into OLI Studio.

OLI Development Team SD
4490   Engine

Column profile for composition (as seen in block report) is not correct when multiple chemistry model in the process. The profile is not correctly mapped to the master model. However, this does not change composition of the output or side draws or any of the earlier converged files.

Column profile have been correctly mapped for multiple chemistry models.

4622 16040 Engine

Improper phase split using key component in a separator. Key component does not seem to be honored.

In ESP Original, there is an option for LIQ-2 Key component selection for the Separator block which is not yet implemented in OLI FLowsheet. This needs to be implemented in OLI Flowsheet.
In absence of LIQ-2 Key component for the Separator, several other block parameters needed to be initialized otherwise these take random values.

Few block parameters have been initialized to fix this problem.

4635 16047 Engine

Settler Block / Filter Block - MBG report totals for a stream are exactly 1/3 the total of the stream value.

Mass balance and specifications issues have been fixed and the the resulting streams are properly scaled for filter and settler.

User (US) PK
4463   User Interface

Priority item: VII. Flowsheet GUI 8.0.3 - add report names to tree-view


OLI Design Team SD
4679 15902 User Interface

The Efficiency column under the pump curve data should be moved next to the Flow rate column. The order should be Point No. Flow rate Head Efficiency.

Columns have been reordered.

4680   User Interface

Most Pump Curve data available by manufacturers would have the Flow rate in Volume Units. Could we move the Volume radio button as a default option?

Volume specification added.

4682 16261 Engine

Most manufacturers would provide data for Centrifugal pumps in Meter units for head. F-ESP pump block should let users input the head value in meter in Pump Curve data screen. Engine support required.

This has been added to the pump block.

4705   User Interface

Need to add texture fillings to the icon

Added texture fillings following the other block icon style

4709 16304 User Interface

PUMP: After a user selects a flow basis and saves a file, the values are not portable to other flow basis. The flow basis should probably be locked once the user data is fed.

Added missing serialization for unit type when loading pump curve case

Beta Tester (US) ZL
4710 16305 User Interface

PUMP: The parameter values like NPSHR, Motor Efficiency are not saved after a file containing pump is saved and reopened.

Update parameters with the new serialization function

Beta Tester (US) ZL
4711 16295 User Interface

PUMP: Since the Specification Type is Discharge pressure, we should be consistent on the screen and call the User input pressure as Discharge Pressure.

Renamed to Discharge Pressure

Beta Tester (US) ZL
4712   User Interface

FEATURE: PUMP: Need to add sensitivity support

Added sensitivity support

4722   User Interface

FEATURE: Can we implement a right click on the block and add an option to add a block report before or after Add a Callout option?

Added code to open a block's/stream's report via a new context menu command when right-clicking a block or stream in the flowsheet.

4724 16330 User Interface

FEATURE: Is it possible and would it be worth the time to make this block order a floatable window, so that the user can click on the flowsheet while the window is open and make changes to either?

Improved the dialog window for changing block calculation order by including a specially tailored flowsheet view. The UI also includes a facility to visualize the calculation order of blocks.

User (New Jersey, US) SD
4732 16325 User Interface

Please see if you can keep the error list from clearing as the ESP case is being edited following a run. I ran the user's case and did not converge. There were about six errors and warnings. I fixed the first error, and when I looked down to work on the next error/warning the window was erased.

Modified code to retain simulation runtime errors even after changes are made to the process.

User (US) SD
4733   User Interface

Column o/p serving as Mixer i/p not oriented correctly

Improved code to generate connection layout between blocks.

4750 16397 User Interface

UNITS: Gauge pressure works incorrectly for a pressure drop in unit operations that allow pressure drops. Please disable gauge units for pressure drops.

When converting the pressure drop value to solver units of atm, the unit conversion was not considering that the value represented a difference value.

Also, the correct form of the pressure unit is now displayed for pressure drop values - so psia instead of psig and bar instead of barg.

4753 16400 User Interface

While testing the incinerator capacity in F-ESP, we discovered that the Incinerator cannot handle solids. It can only handle gas or liquid phases as inputs. Could we change the name to Gas/Liquid Incinerator

Renamed "incinerator" to "Gas Incinerator" in the Library panel

4758 16395 User Interface

 SENSITIVITY: tabular data are set to the same values as the first parameter

Corrected the data range assigned to the sensitivity parameter when the sensitivity analysis contains multiple sensitivity parameters.

User (New Jersey, USA) SD
4760 16379 User Interface

The Temperature and Pressure are listed twice in the Sensitivity parameter for a C-Split

There are actually two temperature and pressure parameters, one for each outlet and residual stream. The parameter name did not reflect the outlet to which it belonged.

Added the missing outlet name designation to the parameter name.

User (New Jersey, USA) SD
4761   Engine

Crash in Incinerator block

Fixed by initializing few variables while no vapor is formed.

4780   User Interface

Support more than two independent variables in sensitivity analysis plot

Extended the plot UI to enable plotting of observed (monitored) variable data that is calculated over three or more independent variable ranges (sensitivity parameters).

Added range sliders to the UI allowing the user to filter/limit the range of the independent variable data points over which the observed variable curves should be plotted.

4787 16383 User Interface

Heat exchanger duty not available to sensitivity analysis

Fixed code that was advertising the available control variables for heat exchanger.

User (New Jersey, USA) SD
4793   User Interface

The tear stream selection dialog should show the flowsheet visual and any other information that may be useful for choosing tear streams.

Improved the UI window for choosing tear streams by including a specially tailored flowsheet view in the same window. The UI includes a facility to visualize recycles loops in the flowsheet to assist in the selection of tear streams.

The UI window is now resizable to utilize available screen space.

4800   Chemistry Model

When the equation for a kinetics reaction is modified by clicking on the 'Modify..,' button in the 'Edit Kinetics Reactions' dialog, the modifications are not applied.

Fixed bug in code that tests to check if the modified kinetics equation is a duplicate of an existing equation.

9.5.3 General Release


  • Number of bugs resolved for this build since the last release = 50
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
July 11, 2017
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3402   User Interface

We need a feature to warn the user that results already exist. Executing will overwrite those results. I had a case that took about 1 hour to run and accidentally pressed the run button.

When the run simulation command is invoked, a new 'preparing to run' dialog is shown which gives the user a chance to cancel the execution of the simulation within a few seconds of starting it.

4059   User Interface

Input and the callouts blank after a simulation fails to converge

Modified solver interfacing code to store a block's inlet streams data upon block execution even when the block fails to converge.

4141   Chemistry Model

The program should avoid clearing results whenever possible and should instead show the warning "The process definition has changed since the simulation was last run. Reported results may be out of date."

Implemented cache for storing chemistry information needed for maintaining calculated stream results independent of current definition of the chemistry model. This allows last calc results to be valid even when changes are made to the chemistry model or databanks used for calc are not available.

4173   User Interface

If the Flowsheet is visible and you hit say alt+f to bring up the file menu, arrow keys do not navigate the menus.

Arrow Keys now usable

4220 15742 User Interface

ESP Original has "Set Weight Factor" option in Process Analysis>Calcaids which is set in the *Bin file through INFLOWWF. This is different than the"Molecular Conversion Weights" option in Process Build>Molecular.   This "Molecular Conversion Weights" overrides the "Set Weight Factor"

However, if "Molecular Conversion Weights" are not not entered, users have a choice to use Inflow Rate Based Weight Factor from "Set Weight Factor"
option. This feature is currently missing. 

Added support for all true->apparent molec conversion options that are supported by OLI Engine. A single property page accessible from the 'Process Options' page allows selection of the conversion option as well as the specification of individual weight factors.

User (US) SD
4228   Chemistry Model

Pseudo generation from Assay Cut, Warnings are not shown in the UI, but are in the *wrn file. There is an error in 9.5.1 which was not found in last build. Should it be a warning?

Added code to report pseudo-component generation warnings when chemistry model is generated.

4309 15260 User Interface

Please look at Report 1, it’s the mass balance around the Component splitter.   The splitter settings are currently for no mass flow to enter the outlet stream “H2O2 Removed”.    The report shows partial flow information. 

The Splitter works by fractionating the inflow based on user specified values, if it so happens that all the factors are zero, the residual stream picks up the whole flow, so when the solver flashes the outlet stream there is nothing to flash. The ionic stream vector in the outlet might retain results from the inflow. This is resolved by clearing the ionic stream vector.

Agent (US) AR
4326   User Interface

"Question mark" in the Callout data. If we can disregard that entry (or zero it) if the value does not exist or below certain threshold.

Material balance group value data corresponding to assay generated pseudo-component species were not being stored in the stream's results if the values were 0. This caused an error in identifying and retrieving the value when requested by the UI.

4333 15370 Engine

A case is created that is actually infeasible. The split block has more volume spec'd than is available. However, the program runs for three or so interactions and then "Converges." It is not actually converged.

One of the tear streams (cooled Pumparound) seems to need a good guess for total flow (a higher number (for example, 1000 gal/min) for the simulation to converge correctly. A new warning has been added to telling the user that a tear stream may have converged with zero mass flow. Previously the tear stream had converged to zero flow. The corrected case has been attached with the suffix _working.

Agent (US) AR
4346 15402 Engine

Case does not run in 9.5.2 that worked correctly in 9.5.1 (separate block issues).

Stream flash sets certain flags which were not cleared before block calculation, hence caused bypassing the block as seemed no calculation is required. Flags are reset.

In order to converge the attached case to right specs, user may need to adjust block specification.

User (US) PK
4350 15410 Engine

Our agent eports that OLI Flowsheet has too many error messages about negative density for a stream.  This is because the error is tripped on each pass through a recycle.

The negative density check was done on a per flash basis, not connected to the stream identity in any way. So when the tear stream was in a convergence loop it could report multiple negative density errors. This has bee resolved by suppressing the error for blmain/flowsheet during the convergence loop. A new routine has been added that finally checks the "sanity" of each stream, including the check for density. So if the error persists it will only be on the final iteration and will be reported then.

Agent (US) AR
4352   User Interface If the controller spec is deleted by hitting the spacebar (assuming hitting spacebar would reset to the default tolerance), controller spec is defaulted to zero (as it shows in the screen). Next time you run it, there would be a crash.

When feedback controller spec tolerance is 0 and the convergence monitor calculates error divided by tolerance - it results in negative infinity for a certain error value. The program crashes when it tries to format negative infinity as a string.

Added code to ensure that controller spec tolerance is greater than 0. Also, when spacebar is hit on an edit field in the feedback conv options grid, it now has the same behavior as the delete key i.e. reset the value to default.

Also added checks in convergence monitor UI to handle the unusual condition when spec. tolerance is set to 0.

4357 15401 Error Message Subsystem

F-ESP Equilibrium failed to converge error - reporting issue. I am submitting this as a reporting/communication problem and not a convergence problem. I imported this from an old ESP file. The Error description is that the "Equilibrium computation failed to converge.
Execution will be terminated." However, the software does not report which object did not converge.
Please see if you can use this case to improve the reporting of calculation failures, even when it's a user mistake.

The program now displays more specific errors and also indicates the block which failed to converge.

User (US) SD
4358 15429 User Interface

Imported ESP BIN file has a column with 14 side draws which is not allowed. File opened but did not run.

The solver does not support more than 10 side draws for a column - now showing an error message in the Errors window if too many side draws (or feeds) are connected.

Agent (US) SD
4359 15430 User Interface

Case crashed with error message, Possibly related to tray efficiencies

The Vector that retained tray efficiencies was not large enough for this case, it was resolved by allocating it the maximum possible value, prior to usage which is NUMBER_OF_SPECIES X NUMBER_OF_STAGES. Previously it was NUMBER_OF_INFLOWS X NUMBER_OF_STAGES

Agent (US) AR
4366   Engine

 I was trying to simulate an isentropic air compression from 1 atm to 75 psig, and the simulation did not converge without water.

An uninitialized variable caused to solver to take a different path from which it could not recover, during a check for aqueous phase during the solve step.

4368   Engine

For a compressor case Flowsheet returns an index out of bounds error.

OLI Flowsheet was trying to access results from the block output vector even when the compressor failed to converge.

4379   Engine

Mass transfer column is currently limited to MSE model only. Not supported in the AQ model. We may need to discuss and validate if Mass transfer works in the AQ model. ESP original supports both modesl for mass transfer limited column.  

Bob Young confirms that mass transfer is supported under AQ thermo model. Some transport properties like component diffusivities may not be available and would be initialized to a default value (they are used only if the individual mass/heat transfer coeffs are not explicitly specified).

4381   Engine

Column is limited to 50 stages in Flowsheet. ESP original can take 99 stages.

Bob Young advises that there is no longer a strict max number of stages for a column, however, to prevent excessive computation resource usage, it would be reasonable to limit it to 100.

4390   User Interface

Enter key for Conversion Reaction fraction does not work

Enter Key now honored

4398   User Interface

An unconverged controller shows "converged green tick" mark on the navigator panel. In case of many controllers in the process, it is difficult to find which controller did not converge.

Improved code to determine if a controller fails to converge when updating its calculated status.

4399   Error Messages

When a simulation fails, error messages returned by the solver are reported in the errors window. However, in some cases the messages are not associated with any block which make it hard to identify the unconverged block.

Improved code to report the unconverged block(s) when a simulation fails to converge.

4401   User Interface

Add ability to use the regional symbol for the decimal character for formatting numbers.

Added support for using regional decimal symbol for formatting numbers. The use of the regional symbol is optional and can be enabled from the program's Options dialog (Tools->Options in the main menu).

4402   User Interface

When a block outlet is detached from the block, it becomes a process entry (external) stream. However the program does not automatically populate inflows and T/P from the calculated data if it is available.

Added code to automatically populate inflows and T/P from the calculated data if it is available.

4403   User Interface

The program does not allow copying and pasting of a block's outlet stream.

Added support for copying and pasting a block outlet stream as a process entry stream. If the copied stream is calculated, the pasted stream's inflows and T/P are auto-populated with information from the calculated data.

4404 15479 User Interface

After non-convergence, TEAR stream results are missing from output

Modified solver interfacing code to store a block's inlet streams data upon block execution even when the block fails to converge

Agent (US) SD
4413 15538 User Interface

Changing units for assay not working without the ENTER button. The OK key is not being honored.

When new numbers are the identical to the previous numbers but units are different, the changes were not being applied.

User (US) SD
4414 15339 Export

Exporting file to BIN does not write the assays correctly to MDL file. The MDL file is written with variable width while ESP is expecting fixed width. If the file is regenerated in ESP then the MDL file is updated with fixed width fields which truncates and shifts values.

Corrected floating point number formatting for assay distillation data written to the mod/mdl file.

User (US) CD
4416 15519 Engine

The global units were set to be Inflows=mass and Total amount=volume. Next, there is an all-solid stream labeled sample. The Fe inflow is set to 100g and the volume to 0.72 L.

There is a calculation, and the converged stream volume is 0.2553L (not
0.72) and the converged mass is 2010.49 g (not the expected 5666 g). The computed density is good, 7.87, but somehow a different volume/mass output is reached.

Factored volumetric flow if not matched to the right specification when no error in the equilibrium calculation.

Agent (US) PK
4425 15559 User Interface

Column Report: Report composition and phase totals profile in mass/mass-fraction basis

Added reporting of phase totals in mass/volume for column profile.

User (US) SD
4455   User Interface - Feature

Priority List Item: Unit Operation - Sensitivity

Added Sensitivity Unit Operation. See User Guide for Instructions

4471 15598 User Interface

Need access to LOC File in a similar manner as OLI Studio

LOC file can now be accessed like other solver files from app window's
Tools->Diagnostics menu.

User (US) SD
4476 15610 Engine

F-ESP CaCO3 scale tendency inconsistency. The values reported in OLI Flowsheet are very different from OLI Studio for exactly the same conditions.

This case had multiple models. There was an indexing issue between the models which was resolved.

User (US) PK
4482 15616 Database

Flowsheet does not have the same phase separation as does ESP for the same feed.

- ESP Databook original can enter any invalid interactions names
- OLIDatabaseConverter App will remove the phase suffix for interaction names
- OLIDatbook does not allow to select invalid species name
- OLIGenerator SQ3 version does not need to support interaction names with phase suffix
- Suggest to reconvert the private databank using the newer version of OLIDatabaseConverter

User (US) ZL
4487 15625 User Interface

Please see if you have a similar problem adjusting the F-ESP window. When I created a new case, the sizing function went away, and when I moved the window, it went off the screen.

Corrected window placement code for launching a new app window to properly handle restored or maximized state.

User (US) SD
4496 15668 User Interface

The manip block inlet is an outlet from another block. This is not allowed, but there is no error statement for it until the run button is clicked. Wouter Koot observed this. Please add an error if the user attempts to do this.

This action has now been trapped and prevented. Similar error handeling added for Neutralizer.

User (The Netherlands) SD
4501 15676 User Interface - Feature

FEATURE: Copy Stream Function

A block's outlet stream can now be copied and pasted as a new (process-entry) stream.

User (The Netherlands) SD
4514 15727 User Interface - Warning

If a stoichiometric reaction is specified by the user but the reactant is missing form the inflows and the model, then there should be some kind of warning message in the description panel to let the users know about it.

Added a post-calculation warning if reaction extent is zero.

User (US) SD
4524   User Interface

Add facility to determine sensitivity of output results to changes in unit parameters.

Added capability to perform sensitivity analysis.

1. A sensitivity analysis can be created from program's top-level 'Analysis' menu.
2. One of multiple block parameters can be varied across a specified range.
3. Specified stream variables can be monitored across each step in the sensitivity parameters' range.
4. Monitored data can be displayed in the form of a plot or in tabular form from the program's top-level 'Plot' menu.
5. Plot variables can be selected by clicking on the 'Select Data' button in the plot window.

Design Team SD
4543 15820 User Interface

In a case, there is data in the error window. This text cannot be copied. In reporting errors it is necessary for this information to be able to be copied to other programs.

Added support for copying error messages.

User (US) SD
4544 15825 User Interface - Reports

A userreported that he could not find activity coefficients in the OLI Flowsheet report. This is because they are not enabled in the calculation.

This is very different from OLI Studio which has them enabled.  At the very least the two programs should be the same.

Now always reporting activity co-efficients and K-values since they are always calculated by the solver. Previously, the calculation option merely controlled the reporting of said properties.

User (US) SD
4545   Chemistry Model

The inflow grid's auto-complete/search results always show up empty. (Test Build)

Fixed synonyms data search failure when remove duplicate flag is false

Development Team ZL
4550 15846 User Interface

I clicked on the Update all button and got an error. Based on a rerun, the manipulate blocks did not update.

The code to update guess values from calculated data was not correctly handling individual stream component flow factors.

User (US) SD
4584   Import

When inflows are entered in kilogram, lb or lbmol in ESP Original, the imported inflow numbers are inconsistent by a factor depending on the units.

The overall stream composition is consistent with the original data though and the total flow numbers are correct.

It appears that ESP Original does not follow the bin file specification which states (as of 06/08/2017) that the actual component flow numbers are in units of 'gram' when display units in the stream units line are 'pound' or 'kilogram' and they are in 'gmole' when display units are 'lmol'.

Modified import behavior to be compatible with ESP Original.

4608 16020 Engine

This case immediately fails with a runtime error when clicking run. Case was created in 9.5.2. The attached OLI Flowsheet model simply stops with a runtime error ....................... when I push the run button.

I had struggled to get the regenerator to work with a condenser so set up an external condenser with a recycle. I then tried to recycle the bottoms back thru the feed heat exchanger as a feed-bottoms exchanger. I gave this up and removed the bottoms stream from the exchanger. That was it! Runtime error only from then on.

The simulation preprocessing code was validating heat exchanger specs that were only applicable to some configurations that involve the utility stream. Corrected code to properly handle heat exchanger specs for various configurations.

User (The Netherlands) SD
4620 16037 Reports

Error Message: There was an error while restoring the view's previous saved state...

Please click on the second Report-4, and then delete it from the navigator.  it crashes fairly regularly.

Fixed issue with loading of an empty report - i.e. a report in which no block or stream is selected for reporting (this may happen for example when the report object is removed from the flowsheet).

User (US) SD
9.5.2 General Release


  • Number of bugs resolved for this build since the last release = 28
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
  • There is no databank change since 9.3.1
December 20, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3508 13657 Import

Cannot import a file with a TSPAN specified in Chemistry Model

Added support for T/P span in chemistry model.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3710 14167 User Interface

FEATURE: Move flowsheet via mouse

The flowsheet/PFD can now also be panned by clicking and holding the middle mouse button and moving the pointer.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3945 14670 User Interface

UNITS: Allow different units for side-draws and other multi-stage product streams.

Added support for sidedraw units of mass that were recently added in the solver.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4060   User Interface

The following properties are not currently reported in the GUI:
1. Ionic strength
2. Surface Tension
3. Interfacial Tension
4. Redox Potential

Added support for Ionic Strength, Surface Tension and Interfacial Tension.

Beta Testers (Worldwide) SD
4178 15092 User Interface

STREAM: The Stream amount should probably be changed to Stream flow or Total Flow.

Renamed "Stream Amount" to "Total Flow" which is also consistent with ESP Original terminology.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4189 15107 User Interface

The liquid exits the neutralizer at the bottom.  This infers a solid stream.   Please move it to the side.

Modified symbol to have liquid exit at the side instead of at the bottom.Please note that saved cases would not automatically update to the new symbol configuration.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4192 15110 User Interface

The Properties panel contains five sections.  Right now they take up
a small portion of the panel.  Please consider eliminating the Calculation Aids section (for now) and place the Calculation order and Enable Trace to the main panel.

The layout of the process property panel was tweaked - 'Block Calculation Order' is now a top-level option (on the main panel).

Agent (US) SD
4193 15111 User Interface

REQUEST: Reduce the size of the Manipulate and controller objects to about one-half their size

Reduced size of manipulator and controller symbols.

Please note that saved cases would not automatically update to the new symbol.

Beta tester (US) SD
4222   User Interface

When there are isomers present in the Chemistry Model (such as n-butane, iso-butane), you click on any of the isomers, select the dropdown, hover over the names but don't select anything. Press escape to exit and you get errors.

In certain cases, hovering over the auto-complete suggestions for an inflow entry cell and then selecting a different cell was triggering a cell change to an unresolvable inflow entry. Added code to properly handle such situations.

4223 14962 User Interface

If there are blocks outside the current view of the PFD and you attempt to connect a stream to them, the PFD doesn't automatically scroll.  The only way to make the connection is to zoom out and make the connection.

Improved behavior for automatic panning of PFD during mouse pointer interaction such as connecting links.

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4224   Engine

Crash with debug build of the OLI Engine. "forrtl: severe (408): fort: (3): Subscript of the array AV has value 0 which is less than the lower bound of 1"

Added checks to correct the subscript error.

4227   User Interface

Minimum Temperature Approach is 5 C if not entered or try to zero it (by default in ESP). Flowsheet let user set to zero even though it is replaced in the engine.

Added code to require a valid value of min T approach to set by the user.

4239   User Interface

Tear stream notation in the PFD does not refresh when tear streams are changed. The notation refreshes when the layout of the updated stream is changed.

The stream link in the PFD was not updated correctly when the tear flag was changed.

4240   User Interface

When a new feedback controller is added to the flowsheet, it does not appear in the object selection list in the Convergence Monitor window.

The dropdown list in convergence monitor window was not being updated to reflect a newly added controller.

4241   Engine

When using the debug version of blmain_dll, the attached case crashes with the following fortran error:

Intel(r) Visual Fortran run-time error
forrtl: severe (408): fort: (2): Subscript of the array ESTREAX has value 41 which is greater than the upper bound of 40

Added several checks for pointers before addressing the vector.

4246 15195 User Interface

Copy and past of all blocks results in a crash.

When the copied selection included callouts, the pasted callouts were being updated with the associated object's data before the callout's data structures were setup.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4250 15197 Reports

Column block report does not show concentration of vapor components on stage, liquid are shown.

When setting up report section preferences for a column's report, certain sections identifiers also used in other reports were being incorrectly skipped.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4259 15248 User Interface

Moving the flowsheet around disconnects the controller in the UI.

Improved code that updates dependent ports and connections when PFD components are moved to be more robust.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4260 15251 Engine

An assay is in the inflow list and a spec/control is used in an absorber.
The user cannot specify a pseudocomponent (from the assay) flowrate in the vapor phase. It is assumed that this is also true in the liquid phase.

Now ESP original will show the Pseudos generated from the assay, and these components can be used as a spec in the vapor phase (and in liquid phase).
FLowsheet will exhibit the same.

4264 15222 Reports

Apply button on Customize report windows doesn't do anything

The apply button in the property sheet was not refreshing the report view.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4270 15234 User Interface

Please add Edit units to the right-mouse click dropdown list.

Added "Edit Units" menu item to callouts in flowsheet view.

Also improved consistency in order of context menu items.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4273 15193  

Can we “insert” a stream into a report ?  This would allow a user to insert a stream that maybe was initially forgotten or just wants to move without having to re-select all the streams to the right. Also, we need to re-order the streams as required by the user.

Added capability to insert a new stream column in the multi-stream report.
The new feature is accessible by right clicking on a column in the header area of the report and selecting "Insert Column" from the context menu.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4292 15302 Import

Importing a BIN file with Pseudocomponents does not honor original thermodynamic framework.

Older versions of .mdl files sometimes do not have the MSEPUB databank specified when using the MSE thermo fwk. The MSEPUB entry was used to determine if the MSE thermo fwk was used. Fixed by setting up thermo fwk based on the MULTEQ header keyword instead

Beta Tester (US) SD
4313 15334 User Interface

Changing the number of stages of a column adds heat on the previous last stage of the column.

If condenser is not enabled and number of stages is reduced to a number at which a heat duty was previously specified, the heat duty at the new top stage (which is considered to be the condenser's heat duty) is not deleted from the data structures even though it not displayed or used in calculation. Subsequently, when the number of stages is increased, said heat duty would reappear.

Fixed bug by modifying code to delete heat duties correctly when stages are reduced.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4314 15325 User Interface

Tear Identity lost when Recyle stream moved

Tear designation was lost as the move operation was executed in two steps - disconnection from old block which also removes the tear designation and connection with the new block. Fixed issue by adding code to reset tear stream designation after completing the connection move operation.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4315 15335 User Interface

Reducing the number of stages in a column changes the preconnected tear stream to an inflow stream

When the number of stages was reduced, any tear streams connected to the higher stages which longer exist were not being properly reconfigured into normal block output streams.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4322   Units Manager

If H2O inflow amount in mass/mol fraction basis is automatically set when makeup with water type of normalization is selected, it's value may not be correctly passed to the solver. This behavior persists even when normalization is switched to proration.

Corrected code that was affecting the read of H2O inflow value that was automatically set via the makeup with water option in mass/mol fraction basis.

4325   User Interface

I was trying to delete a stream from the Flowsheet (A case with PCs + Many Callouts set), several errors popped up saying "errors in retrieving values". This can be easily reproducible.

When a stream was deleted from a calculated flowsheet, some calculated model data needed to perform unit conversions for reporting composition data (in the callouts in this example) were removed.

Corrected code that was causing said data to be cleared. Please note that previously saved cases that were affected with this issue will be cleared of their results on load.

9.5.1 Release Candidate 1


  • This is the first release of the OLI Flowsheet-ESP program.
  • Version numbers for 9.4.x were entirely skipped for this release
  • Number of bugs resolved for this build since the last pre-release = 35
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • Trial Copies are not supported on virtual machines
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
  • General Update notes:
    • Splash Screen updated with new logo and version number
    • Tools | Diagnostics menu now shows an option to view the .wrn (model warnings) file.
  • The internal version number of this file will not work properly with older versions of ESP. Please contact OLI Systems for an update.
October 18, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3837 14464 User Interface

Error message when attempting to change calculation order.

This is an invalid flowsheet as a feedback controller in the flowsheet is trying to change a block downstream, meaning its manipulating a block which cannot have an impact on the block its trying to control(like a feedforward controller). Essentially a feedback controller is wired like a feedforward controller. I have two Flowsheet cases attached that demonstrates this.

Beta Tester (Canada) AR
3901   Frameworkd

When running the application for the first time we need to create a "My OLI Cases\OLI Flowsheet 9.x" folder and then a samples sub folder and the samples needs to be copied there.

Samples are now copied to the proper directory on first run.

3994 14794 User Interface

The recycle monitor does not display the current max value. It seems to be scrolled off to the right.

The convergence monitor UI was tweaked to show the current max value and variable name in a field above the plot instead of as a legend over the plot which was sometimes cropped off.

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
3952 14682 User Interface

When maximizing the diagram, the objects at the top of the screen are sometimes cut off.

Added a small padding to the area covered by the viewport when the flowsheet is zoomed to fit the viewport.

Beta Tester (Germany) SD
4016 14723 Printing

Printing PFD to a single page (scaling)

Resolved in bug 4133 below

Beta Tester (Australia) SD
4018 14787 User Interface

If I split O(-2), mass balance is lost for the component splitter.

There were issues with net positive/negative charge calculation. Fixed by recalculating the charge balance in the split fractions.

Beta Tester (Canada) PK
4023   User Interface

The new build for beta has the feature where a stream selection stays selected till a user un-selects it. But if you are in the stream selection mode and move your mouse over to the properties window or any other window, the cursor keeps scrolling in the flowsheet section of the UI.

Added code to properly handle the event when the mouse pointer leaves the flowsheet view.

4044 14834 Units Manger

Cannot reliable set the units for call outs.

Added support for changing callout units - previously the units were fixed to the units of the callout source object.

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4066   User Interface

The simulation complete popup auto-hides after a few seconds. The user may easily miss it if he's not looking or if the app window is minimized.

Modified the 'simulation complete' popup window to stay up until the user starts interacting with any UI in the main program, after which it goes away after a delay of a few seconds.

This ensures that the user always sees the popup even if the app window is hidden or minimized to the taskbar.

Note that, as before, a modal dialog is displayed if there were errors or warning when the simulation completes.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4072   User Interface

Add support for stoichiometric conversion reactions to the reactor block.

Added support for stoichiometric conversion reactions in the reactor block.

Streamlined the UI for defining different types of reactor. The is now only one 'Reactor' blocks that can be specified as a:

1. Kinetics reactor (Models a CSTR/PFR. Uses kinetics reactions defined in chemistry model).
2. Stoichiometric conversion reactor.
3. Gibbs reactor (previously a separate block).

Created a new chemical equation editor that assists in creating an equation by showing a list of chemicals that are available in the chemistry. Said editor also performs validation to ensure that the equation is mass balanced.

4073   User Interface

Add support for specifying split for true species as in the 'Material code Split' block in ESP Original.

When the material balance group split type is chosen in the component split edit UI, a new check-box to 'Include true species' is now shown. When checked, true species appear in the list following the material balance groups similar to ESP Original.

4083 14918 Units Manager

Units Manager Issues (more): Stay active for multiple blocks/streams

Changing units for multiple selected objects is already supported as of

Beta Tester (US) SD
4088 14949 User Interface

Properties window should show some converged stream data.

Added a new "Calculated" tab in the properties pane that reports basic stream parameters and molec. apparent totals for a selected stream.

For internal streams where the "Definition" tab doesn't apply, the same is no longer displayed.

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4089 14950 Chemistry Model

Surface complexation crashes. As soon as I add the species to the model (even if the concentration is nil) the model will no longer run.

The databank converted did not properly convert surface complexation species

Beta Tester (Canada) ZL
4102 14965 Export

Critical for international users: export of report to CSV does not take into account Windows Regional Settings, causing Excel to be unable to read the CSV properly

Add code to use Windows' localized list separator symbol for CSV export. The localized symbol is obtained from Windows' region and language settings. The behavior of the app is now similar to Microsoft Excel with regard to CSV files.

Also, when the list separator symbol is not the comma (",") the CSV export dialog shows the separator symbol used and also provides an additional option to save a standard CSV file (using commas).

Also, the report export facility now provides an additional option to save tab delimited values.

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4108 14990 User Interface

If I edit a stream name in the navigation panel, and then change my mind and press escape, nothing happens.  The Escape key does not appear to work in this panel.

Fixed issues related to keyboard accelerators such as Escape and F2.Also, objects can now also be renamed by double clicking on an object in the tree.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4112 14997 User Interface

The Convergence monitor does not update if the TEAR stream is changed.

Fixed update issue when handling certain changes made in the process.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4113   Printing

Provide a user-friendly UI to print the flowsheet allowing the user to easily scale it as needed or fit to the specified paper size.

Implemented a new consolidated page setup and print UI for printing the flowsheet.

The UI shows a preview of the entire flowsheet as it will print and split across multiple pages. It also provides an easy way to scale the flowsheet for printing or fit the flowsheet to a single page.

4116   User Interface

When the convergence monitor pane is configured to be very wide on widescreen monitors, the convergence plot may show really old points in the convergence history, leading to a lot of visual noise. In the default setup, it is docked to the bottom of the main window stretching across almost the entire width of the app and may be showing > 200 points.

Added code to progressively fade the curve for older points to reduce visual noise from very old points and direct user's gaze towards the head of the curve if the graph is very wide.

Also, modified the UI to show info about the current plot variable above the plot in a separate read-only field instead of displaying it in a legend which would sometime obscure the plotted curve.

4132 15010 Chemistry Model

Process with two models uses the wrong model in a mixer

Stream is deafulted to use master model if specific chemistry model is not selected for the stream.

Beta Tester (Canada) PK
4133   Printing

Provide a user-friendly UI to print the flowsheet allowing the user to easily scale it as needed or fit to the specified paper size.

Implemented a new consolidated page setup and print UI for printing the flowsheet.

The UI shows a preview of the entire flowsheet as it will print and split across multiple pages. It also provides an easy way to scale the flowsheet for printing or fit the flowsheet to a single page.

4137 15024 User Interface

Changing the databases in the Chemistry model doesn't trigger a "Model may be out of date" warning.

If calculated results are cleared when certain chemistry model specifications are changed, a warning message should be displayed

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4138 15025 User Interface

Adding or removing solid species in the chemistry model does not trigger a "Model out of date" error.

If calculated results are cleared when certain chemistry model specifications are changed, a warning message should be displayed

Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4144 15018 User Interface

Large case does not converge a split block but a small case with same flows converged.

A mismatch between split fraction order read from bin file and subsequent comparison was found. This has been corrected.

Beta Tester (US) PK
4159 15060 Import

Error while importing, inflow weighting factor warning message

Added support for handling INFLOWWF keyword.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4161   User Interface

Improve copy/paste to handle duplicates - for eg. if water was selected in the copied cells and is already present in the pasting grid, it should be ignored while pasting. Currently, an error is displayed and the paste operation stops.

Copy and paste of pseudo-components and assays should be handled automatically.

Improved copy/paste code to resolve stated issues.

4162   User Interface

Added support for second liquid phase key component. Support for second liquid phase key component is needed for liq-1 and liq-2 phase distinction in certain cases in the MSE framework.

Added code to support specification of second liquid phase key component.
The UI is implemented as a property page accessible from the top-level 'Process Options' properties page.

4163   Import

Added support for chemistry model T/P span specifications via a UI similar to OLI Analyzer Studio.

Added UI and data structures for T/P span equilibrium constants.

4181   Security

If you try to change the serial number in the about dialog, an error message is displayed saying you are not authorized. Also the network settings section is disabled.

Updated the AboutDialog helper to save the serial number and to enable network settings section.

4194 15177 Chemistry Model

A user added the LAB databank which then allowed him to enter ions as an inflow. Of course there is no mass-balance check or electroneutrality check with this databank

LAB databank has been removed from the installation package

Beta Tester (US) CD
4202 15123 Error Message

When using a filter block, process controllers and recycles and then updating parameters an error window, “There was an error while completing the last operation” pops up

This error is trapped and the update is completed

Beta Tester (US) SD
4206   User Interface

When reopening a case in Flowsheet, tower restart data from the previous run should be available to speed up the calculation.

Added code to store last calculated state and restarting the column with said state.

Also added UI in the process’s restart options property page to allow a user to discard saved restart data if needed
4207   Reports

Mass-Transfer columb block reports were missing

Mass-Transfer column block reports implemented.

4215 15136 Export

A blank line appears in the OLI Flowsheet exported MDL file just about the assay data which does not appear in the ESP created case.

Corrected code which was adding a stray blank line before the assays and pseudos section in the model file.

Beta Tester (US) SD
4216 15137 Chemistry Model

Assays: Clicking OK after entering Distillation data does nothing. Need to use the X button to close

If no changes were made to the distillation data in the dialog, the OK button was not being handled correctly.

Beta Tester (US) SD

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