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OLI Flowsheet Release Notes

The current release notes for the OLI Flowsheet 9.2 software. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes.

The values in parenthesis are customer service numbers.

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Build Number Release Status Description Date
mm.dd.yyyy Beta 2


  • Number of bugs resolved for this build = 45
  • This is an invitation only beta version. Please contact OLI for an evaluation copy
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
July 22, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3403   GUI

Units selected are not applied to new objects

Added informational text to the units manager dialogs. Specifically, the units manager dialog for the document (when no object is selected) now clearly indicates that the units will apply to all newly created objects.

Added a checkbox which, when checked, will apply the specified units to all new objects created in the flowsheet.

By default, the units edit command is context sensitive and will apply to the selected flowsheet object(s) if there is a selection. If no object is selected, the edit operation applies to the document. Similarly, if a report is displayed, the units apply to the report. The title of the units edit UI will indicate the object to which it applies.

3681 14102 GUI

There is no warning in the error section if the user does not enter a split fraction or flow.

See Bug ID = 3920

Beta Tester (US) SD
3709 14165 GUI

Have we created a way to delete reports?   Now that any number of report
tabs can be created, I think the user will have a need to remove report tabs as well.

Added support for closing report tabs by clicking on the 'X' symbol on the tab label. Note that the 'X' is only visible for the active tab.

Also note that closing the tab does not delete the report object. Reports can be deleted by right-clicking on the report object in the Navigator and selecting 'Delete' from the context menu (pressing the DEL key achieves the same result).

Beta Tester (US) SD
3773   Export

There are few issues in standard/mass transfer column.

1. Side draw was as a fixed flow. Side draw can't be controlled using a controller.

2. If OLI Flowsheet cases with side draw are exported to use in ESP original, it zeroes the side draw amount. Hence OLI Flowsheet cases do not converge in ESP original.

3. Side draw locations were not set correctly.

The issues have been

3795 14367 GUI

Lines connecting blocks are excessively long.

Improved algorithm for generating orthogonal paths for simple configurations.

Agent (US) SD
3819 14397 GUI

Please add some type of units range for this input (e.g, "Enter values between 0 and 1". I will look for other instances where this is needed.

Added description text in the UI. Also, the UI now traps values outside of the valid range.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3842 14325 Model

A case in OLI Floswsheet ESP and it took an hour for it to run. Where as the same file runs in 30 minutes in ESP Original 9.2.8 version.

The order of species written to the .mod file is now consistent with ESP (Original) leading to practically identical calculation runtimes.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3853   GUI

I seem to spend a significant fraction of time in F-ESP changing or modifying units.  I am thinking that a Copy-Paste Formats or Paste Special option will be needed.  Please add this to the Feature Request list

See Bug 3403

Agent (US) SD
3866 14522 Model

A private databank has the species NAOH.  This species does not have an AQ component (NAOHAQ).  The corresponding species in the MSEPUB databank has NAOHAQ.

When generating using the private databank the model generator finds NAOHPPT (db1) but then also reads MSEPUB (db 2) to find the NAOHAQ species.

This is not how ESP Original works. When the species is found in the first databank (db1) then no other species are retrieved from subsequent databanks.

List of databanks DataStore searching logic has been corrected in OLISqliteDataProvider

User (US) ZL
3870   GUI

Add ability to add multiple lines or word-wrap long names in the labels on flowsheet components.

Added support for word-wrapped, multi-line name labels for flowsheet components. Resizing a label to a smaller width with automatically word-wrap the name over multiple lines.

Also, when importing ESP Original cases (.bin files), long names will be automatically word-wrapped.

3871   GUI

Add an Options/Preferences UI to set program settings such as default units, creating backup file on save, etc.

Added an 'Options' UI (Main menu Tools->Options). Currently only 3 property pages are shown - General, Units and Name Style. More options will be added in the future.

3872   GUI

Add support for total liq or vapor flow, component flow for a stage to be specified in mass basis. Add support for liq or vapor composition for a stage to be specified in mass fraction basis.

Added support for additional basis/units for specifying stage flow/composition in towers's specs/controls.

3874 14530 Model

Please consider turning on the 2nd liquid button automatically if an assay
or pseudocomponent is entered.    This is done in OLI Studio

Update code to automatically enable liq-2 phase when an assay or pseudo is added to the chemistry.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3875 14529 Model

Entering PC or Assay, [-] box does not collapse grid

Added code to properly handle expanding/collapsing of assay/pseudo-component properties.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3879 14528 Model

No sort order for Assay data

Added code to automatically sort assay distillation data.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3885   Model

The new version of MSEPUB (9.3.1) (with latest engine changes) no longer requires the addition of H2S when SULFUREL is present in the model.

Updated model logic to add H2S to the model if SURFUREL is present if the Aqueous framework or MSE Framework with databanks prior to 9.3.1 is used.
If SULFUREL is found we ensure that H2S is in the model.

3887   GUI

When updating the guess value of the flow of a splitter's output stream using the 'Restart Options' facility, the updated value is set incorrectly as a negative value of the flow fraction instead.

The engine reports negative numbers in blocks like splitter to indicate flow (as opposed to fraction). Modified code to properly handle such values when updating control parameter guess values from reported results.

3893   Chemistry Model

Urea databank needs to be available in Flowsheet ESP under MSE framework_Beta One.

Updated the install script to include the urea databank.

3895 14553 GUI

Unit conversion issue Beta one when switching between mass and moles.

When mass/mole-fraction fraction units were used for inflows and the stream amount units were switched between mass or moles, the previous stream amount was not being converted to the new units even though the data needed to convert was available.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3896 14555 GUI

One feature that would be very helpful - when inputting the mass fraction for a stream it would be helpful to have a sum on the page to verify they add up to 1.0.

Now showing running total of all inflows below the inflows list. The total is
shown in red if the sum of inflows in fraction units does not equal to 100%.

The stream object also reports the same issue as a warning/error depending on

Beta Tester (US) SD
3897 14561 GUI

Call out  for stream added before running the process does not populate_Beta One.

Default callout variables were not available when the corresponding object was not calculated. Added code so that default callout variables are available even when the object is not calculated.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3910 14599 Model

The mineral names do not appear or are inconsistently shown on the Solids table in the report. When formula is selected, there is no parentheses with the mineral name.  when names are selected, some names are minerals others are not.

Added code to ensure that the mineral name is always appended as a suffix to the formula for solid phases. The solid phases' names now match OLI Studio.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3911 14601 Reports

Please increase the length of the Report drop-down list from nine rows to perhaps 15?  This is the <Select a stream> list

Added code to adaptively adjust the list box height and width based on the actual list contents.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3914 14604 GUI

Please expose the calculated value for the Manipulate block somewhere in
the flowsheet view (it can be viewed in the Block report).   Perhaps update
the parameter cell (green font) or in the Watch (on by default).  Right now
the default guess (1) is present in the Properties panel.  

Added flow factor as the default callout or watch window variable for a manipulator.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3919 14611 GUI

The compressor and turbine appear to be identical.   The turbine parameters also display Compressor Type selections.

Switched to using a neutral caption that apply to both compressors and turbines

Beta Tester (US) SD
3920 14612 GUI

Unspecified split fractions in a flow splitter gives no warning before calculation.

Added code to check for incomplete split specification and display errors in the errors window.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3924 14616 GUI

Stage heat duty for an absorber column (with pumparound specified) does not appear in the block report.

Added code to report calculated heat duties for stages that are targeted by a pump-around

Beta Tester (US) SD
3929   Export

The file-> Export feature needs the .mdl and .dbs files as well for easier communication between ESP original and flowsheet. Having the Bin certainly is helpful, but since the mdl is not available, a user has to go through the chemistry screens if they need to work on a file generated by OLI Flowsheet in ESP Original. Would it be better to just have all ESP original files enabled to be auto-exported to the working folder?

Added code to export all required ESP Original input files including the .mdl and .sol as well as the .dbs file for convenience.

3934 14652 GUI

When inputting Advanced heat or mass transfer coefficients, the first time need to add one by one because it won't let you add a stage till there is a coefficient for the last stage.  Once they are in you can paste a new profile for the whole column at once.

Redesigned the UI to display entry fields for all stages at once - this allows convenient copy and paste of a complete profile.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3936   GUI

And is there a shortcut to add multiple streams/connections without having to click "add stream/connection" for every one?

The 'add connection' mode now does not automatically end once a connection has been created. This allows multiple links to be created until the mode is explicitly cancelled by pressing the Escape key or by right clicking in the flowsheet.

The create mode can also be ended by completing a connection with a double-click instead of a single-click.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3937   GUI

We can implement a global unit set in Flowsheet, where all objects and streams can be clubbed under one unit set, like metric, SI etc.

Global units can be specified for the current document by clicking on the 'Edit Units' item in to 'Tools' menu or the toolbar button while ensuring that no object is selected in the flowsheet (since the edit command is context sensitive and will apply to the selected object(s) if there is a selection).

Global units can also be set for all new documents by changing the program options from main menu's Tools->Options.

3938 14650 GUI

Multiple inlet streams on the same stage not currently supported_Beta One

Added code to support multiple inlet streams to the same stage.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3951 14681 GUI

pH is reported for a vapor only stream. The value should be zero or null.

pH for stream with no aqueous phase is reported as null (blank).

Beta Tester (Europe) SD
3957 14691 GUI

Settler and Filter do not allow zero liquid split in Solids Stream, but offer no error message upon input of 0. I had to enter a very small non-zero number for it to work.

Fixed validation check that prevented specifying a zero value for liquid fraction in the solid stream.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3972 14370 GUI

I am using F-esp to test an autoclave.  What I found is that the call out has phase flow but not total flow per phase.  What I needed in this case was total volume (sum of all phases) and it is not reported.

The total values were reported but displayed under the Stream Parameters section  instead of Phase Flows in the variables selection dialog. Now showing them in both sections to make it convenient to lookup.

Beta Tester (US) SD
3976   GUI

Add the ability to customize reports through a UI.

Added UI and infrastructure for customizing reports. Customization options include enabling/disabling sections and changing the order in which sections appear in a report. Additional options exist to change sorting and filtering of data.

Default report settings for common reports can be changed from the program options UI (main menu's Tools->Options).

3977   GUI

Add support for changing units for multiple selected objects in the flowsheet simultaneously.

When multiple objects are selected in the flowsheet, clicking the 'Edit Units' menu item in 'Tools' menu or the toolbar button will bring up the regular units edit dialog. Changes made will be applied to all selected objects.

3981 14549 GUI

Feedback: Rotate unit operations on PFD by increments of 90 degrees.

Quarter turns (90 degrees) are already supported from the toolbar. Menu items were missing from the flowsheet context menu (right click) - added them

Beta Tester (US) SD
3988   GUI

There should be a capability of specifying liquid and vapor mass transfer co-efficients for individual species for each stage as is available in ESP Original.

The UI should be improved to present the specifications for optional mass transfer parameters in a clear manner.

Implemented support for specifying individual species mass transfer co-efficients in columns when using the mass transfer model.

Also redesigned the UI for specifying mass and heat transfer coefficients and transfer areas to show relevant options in a single interface. The new interface also provides better indication of how default values are used.

3989   GUI

The program does not remember the last viewport origin which was changed by scrolling or panning when a saved file is reopened.

The viewport origin co-ordinates are now saved with the document and restored when the document is reopened.

3992 14791 Error Msg

A flowsheet converges but there is a warning message about a disconnected stream "RO Caustic IN". This is actually connected to a neutralizer block.

When the neutralizer block's calculation type was not set-ph, the reagent stream was not being specified as an inlet when communicating with the solver. Modified code to correctly specify the reagent stream as an inlet.

Also added code to show a warning if reagent stream has been specified even though the calc type is not set-ph
Beta Tester (Canada) SD
4007   Units Conversion

Wrong temperature unit conversion for a Feedback controller's spec. tolerance

A temperature value of 1 °F was converted to -17.2222 Spec. °C when the converted value should have been 0.555556 since spec. tolerance represents a difference.

Corrected code to ensure that the unit conversion considers the spec tolerance as a difference value.

4017 14724 Export

Print PFD to a PDF or other graphic image

Implemented code to export the flowsheet to a bmp, jpg or enhanced metafile. The export option is accessible through the main menu's
Flowsheet->'Save as Picture' command. The above option is also available
the context menu invoked by right-clicking on an empty area in the flowsheet.

Also added facility to copy flowsheet as a picture to clipboard - a 'Copy Picture' command is now available in the context menu.

Note: Printing to pdf is a Windows operating system facility and works seamlessly through the standard print mechanism if a pdf printer driver is installed.

Beta Tester (Australia) SD
4019 14793 GUI

A user remarked "For an Absorber, there is apparently the option to define a user defined Packing Type, but if I try to enter different data in the Packing Characteristics, the system resets the data to the default parameters. So using a user defined packing type is not really an option?

Background, I try to simulate an absorber with Mellapak Y packing. As no structured packing types are available in the drop down menu, I would like to enter the Billet&Schultes parameter myself."

Changes to user-defined packing characteristic data were not being stored.

Beta Tester (Germany) SD
4031 14820 Units Manager

An input stream has units that are ppm. The thermodynamic model is AQ. When using ppm units in the Analyzers, the solvent - usually H2O - is a blocked cell. This value, in ppm units, can be determined from the other inflows. 

For example, if I have 10,000 ppm NaCl then I know the remainder of 990,000 pppm H2O must be true. 

We should have the same functionality as the Analyzers.

When mass/mole fraction units are used, the default behavior (as displayed in the UI under Normalization) is to 'Prorate' to preserve ESP Original behavior. The user can change this method to 'Makeup with water' to achieve 100% of the total by adjusting the value of water.

Beta Tester (Belgium) SD
4033   Units Manager

When mass-fraction or mole-fraction units are used for specifying a stream's inflow composition, it is not clear how normalization adjusts the numbers to achieve a total of 100%.

Now showing running total of all inflows below the inflows list. The total is
shown in red if the sum of inflows in fraction units does not equal to 100%.

The stream object also reports the same issue as a warning/error depending on

   Beta 1


  • This is an invitation only beta version. Please contact OLI for an evaluation copy
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • This version requires any user (private) databanks to be converted to the new SQL format before use. This document explains how: Databank converter
  • Here is the new Getting Started Guide
April 26, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By


0  Not Released This version was not built for testing April 22, 2016 Not Released


  • This is the pre-release beta version.
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • Added code to prevent 'Properties' pane from being closed accidentally
  • Added Help menu item to open the Getting Started Guide
  • Added OLI Database Converter User Guide to the installation
April 22, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3838   Import

Included solid phases are not imported correctly from an ESP (Original) case

Solid phases marked as scale-only in a .sol file were being added to the included solid phases list.

3839 14466 Import

Importing a BIN file without the corresponding MDL and MOD files causes an error but no message.

When the .mdl/.mod file is missing, the import now displays an appropriate error message.

3840   GUI

When selecting the customize toolbar menu option and error message is displayed

The 'Customize' menu is not currently supported at this time. This option has been removed.
3844   Import

Holdup times are not correctly imported from a ESP Original case. The Liq and vap holdup times for a column are not correctly imported.

Holdup times were being read from the wrong position in a column’s parameters list in the .bin file.

4  Not-released


  • This is the pre-release beta version.
  • Please note that this build does not support Windows XP.
  • Added a splash screen
  • Added a beta software license agreement screen
  • Redesigned the app’s document model to open different documents in separate Windows processes
  • Added a small popup window that appears when the simulation completes and automatically hides after a few seconds
  • None specific bugs:
    • Fixed import of packed column characteristics data from .bin file
    • Fixed unit conversions when importing mass transfer related parameters from .bin file
    • Fixed import of number of liquid interface film segments specified for a mass-transfer column from .bin file
April 12, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3818 14422 Import

F-ESP not giving same results at o-ESP. Multiple Model Case

The case where no solids were included in the .mod file was not being handled correctly while importing.

3830 14452 Model

The OLI Flowsheet program only generates 7 equations for sulfur redox and triggers an error. OLI Studio generates 8 equations for sulfur redox and no error.

The new SQLite DataProvider alters the order of the redox associated tags associated with species. Due to this an associate tag containing multiple redox valances of sulfur (S5ION) was messing up the correlation between valances and associate tags used to generate redox equation. Improved the redox associate data read logic to be more robust.

3831 14453 Model

Cannot enter the name PC1 for a pseudocomponent. A different component is found with the autosearch.

The new component-search UI was interfering with the handling of user-defined species.

3833 14454 Model

Cannot enter any thermodynamic data for any created pseudocomponent. Clicking the data import grid closes the entry.

A recent change to fix an ESP (Original) case import problem related to assay-generated pseudocomponents introduced a bug which caused user-defined pseudocomponents to not be reported correctly.

4  Not Released


Short Release Cycle, no bugs reported

April 11,2016 Not Released


  • The bugs listed are are for the pre-alpha version. Recorded for internal use at OLI Systems.
March 29, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3807 14402 User Interface

TOTAL ESP Simulation Calculation failure

In the user's case, the tear streams were updated after a convergence failure. So, one of the tear streams got bad values to start with. Updated the engine and re-ran and it ran OK.

3816   API

The following properties are not currently reported by the BlmainAPI:

1. Ionic strength
2. Surface Tension
3. Interfacial Tension

Added call ID in EQBLKSOLD.

2  Not Released


  • The bugs listed are are for the pre-alpha version. Recorded for internal use at OLI Systems.
February 24, 2016
Bug ID OLI Case Area Description

Reported By

Resolved By
3548   User Interface

Error message displayed when Calc Order is used. Calc Order is not recognized

User defined calc order is now supported.

3623   User Interface

If you try to give an already existing name to a new stream, the error message pops up saying " there was an error while completing the last operation" and when you close the dialogue box, the stream label disappears. When you click on the place where it should be, it appears again.

When a stream is renamed to an already existing name, a proper error message is displayed and the rename is cancelled.

3677 14086 Import

Error Message: Failed to import .bin file. Details: Invalid/Unsupported total basis in ESP (Original) units specification.

Bin file import code modified to properly handle import of streams where stream amount is specified in std volume units - stream amount is translated to moles per ESP (Original)'s conversion factor of 44.616 mol/m3. A warning is logged in the import report.

The case now imports correctly.

Agent (US) SD
3712 14170 Unit Operations

Please if possible, consider adding the C-Split (Material Code) block to the Beta.  

The component splitter now supports specifying the split in terms of material balance groups.

Agent (US) SD
3738 14206 Import

Error Message: missing reboiler/condensor on import when none are present or specified

Fixed .bin file import code.

Agent (US) SD
3739 14207 Import

Imported controller specification is not consistent with what was set in ESP

Fixed .bin file import code.

Agent (US) SD
3741 14209 Import

A stray stream in the ESP BIN file was locked for editing after importing.

In an ESP (Original) .bin file, some internal streams that have been reconfigured to be external streams may still have the tear designation.
One such stream ended up being setup incorrectly as an internal stream on import due to the tear stream flag.

The code now ignores the the tear designation for external streams when importing.

Agent (US) SD
3745 14215 Solver

DESIGN: Use results of a previous calculation to guess a tear stream

The program now updates the initial guess from calc data, if available, when a stream is specified as a tear stream.

Also, the code now tries to avoid clearing of results when changes are made to the process, whenever possible.

Agent (US) SD
3780 14377 Unit Operations

Feedforward controller does not recognize process input streams.

Process inlet streams were being excluded from the list of streams available for a feed-forward's control input.

Agent (US) SD
3785 14342 Solver

Molar flow calculated does not resemble input value. 1 kgmol" and the calculated flow is also 0.024 kgmol/day.

The solver does not seem to like KGMOLE units – using GMOLE instead when writing the .bin file.

Agent (US) SD

973.539.4996 main
973.784.3327 sales
973.539.4996 option 2 support


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