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Chemistry Wizard Release Notes

The current release notes for the OLI Chemistry Wizard 9.6 software. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes. These release notes pertain to all Chemistry Wizard Programs (OLI, Aspen and ProII)

See here for previous versions of the release notes

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Build Number Release Status Description Date
    Starting with Version 9.6.2 and later the release notes for all products can be located here: OLI Software Release Notes for 9.6  


General Release


  • Number of Bugs resolved for this build = 6
  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:

June 4, 2018

Bug ID OLI Case Alliance Product Description Reported By Resolved By
4571 15900 ProII

Assays and PC, Units of Measure do not display correctly on Korean or Japanese windows

Added code to correctly translate degree symbol on foreign OS.

Schneider Electric CD
4826   ALL

FEATURE: Add support for new MSE-SRK Thermodynamic Framework

Added support for MSE-SRK Thermodynamic Framework

4850   Aspen Plus

The tickbox on the last screen of Chemistry Wizard for AspenPlus Component ID and Alias for components with errors does not refresh the screen. User needs to go back one screen and click next in order to see the components with error message if any.

When the grid was updated for 9.5 the connection from the check box to the event was deleted.  Reconnected the event.

4882   All

The new MSE+SRK databank family needs to be implemented in OLI ChemistryWizard

Added support for MSE-SRK

Warnings are shown at the summary screen. When the switch is made to unified databanks we need to add ui warnings like OLI Studio.

4903   All

Available and selected databank lists do not scroll horizontally to show entire name

Added code to show scroll bars when necessary and also made lists a little wider

OS-355 17442 ALL

Previously Chemistry wizard relied on the generator to fail cases when security was no passing for MSE. Chemistry Wizard is now security enabled so it should check.

Added SRK and MSE serial number security check. If the framework is not enabled in a serial number, it will not be shown in the drop down option




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