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The current release notes for the Alliance Products. The latest release has included all fixes in the earlier release notes. Number in brackets note customer cases.

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General Alliance Products Release notes.

These notes pertain only to the internal OLI Engine. Changes to the OLI Engine Developer Edition (a/k/a callable engine) are also included here.

OLI Build Number

Release Status Description Date
    Starting with Version 9.6.2 and later the release notes for all products can be located here: OLI Software Release Notes for 9.6  
9.6.1 General Release


  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes
  • See the Engine release notes for more details
June 15, 2018
9.5.4 General Release


November 13, 2017
Bug ID OLI Case Description Reported by Resolved By
4443 15529 API

I have another question regarding the OLI Engine Developer Edition. I am trying to display Keq values from the OLI calculation in the Excel sheet. I can understand most of the Visual Basic code in the Excel32bitEngineAPISample file that come with the developer edition and made modifications to it. So far I am able to populate the components for Kvalues in Excel, but the Kvalues displayed from the result stream are all zeros. It is possible that I made some error in the code, but I would like to know:

(1) if the developer edition support calculation of Kvalues. I would assume yes since there is a variable defined as OLIKValues = 8 in the OLIEngineAPI.

(2) if the function OLISolveIsothermal from "OLIEngineAPI.dll" library computes Kvalues. Or is there another function from the library that computes the Kvalues

Added support for KValues

User (US) CD
4583 15926

Second liquid phase missing for a specific water flow-rate in flue gas quenching.

Updated adiabatic temperature calculation at the initializer.

User (Japan) PKK
9.3.2 General Release


  • The database was NOT released for this version
August 16, 2016
9.3.1 Pulled


July 21, 2016
9.2.9 General Release


  • The database was not updated for this version.

May 15, 2016


Bug ID OLI Case Description Reported by Resolved By
3889   OLI Configuration Tool (ProII Only):

PRO/II 10.0 comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions, both link to the 32 bit OLI Engine version. Added support for detection of 64bit versions of alliance products

Partner CD
9.2.8 General Release


November 30, 2015


Bug ID OLI Case Description Reported by Resolved By
9.2.7 Not Released Thisv version was not released November 30, 2015
9.2.6 General Release


October 27, 2015


Bug ID OLI Case Description Reported by Resolved By
3575 13818

Mixture of MEG and C16 is predicting a solid MEG phase

There are two resolutions to this issue:

  1. Added a SOLU record to MEG and now the 2nd liquid phase is predicted and no solid MEG.
  2. Aded a phase check to correctly partition and swap the phase at the initialization routine if no water (or less than 1x10-7) in the system. As a result, phases are correctly partitioned with less iterations required.
    Also added MEG matcode to the special LLE algorithm.
User PW, PK

Strict security must be implemented on the engine side for various products, especially those which can be run easily through command line.

Security has been enabled for all standard products. This includes login/logout and security checking in-between critical computations.

All procedures can be found under security.for under module in engines solution.


ETHEGLYCOL and pseudocomponent UNIQ interactions and mutual solubility parameters will be added.

ETHEGLYCOL and pseudocomponent UNIQ interactions and mutual solubility parameters have been added in the Engine (MSE only). The parameters were developed by Peiming Wang.


Recent data work for high pressure methane in hydrocarbons requires new interaction data for methane with pseudocomponents.

Added UNIQUAC (UNIQ), pressure dependent UNIQUAC (PR-UNIQ) and SRK interaction parameters between methane and pseudocomponents in the Engine for use in the MSE Framework.

9.2.5 Not Released


This version was not released to the general public.

October 27, 2015
9.2.4 Not Released


This version was not released to the general public.

October 27, 2015
9.2.3 General Release


June 17, 2015


Bug ID OLI Case Description Reported by Resolved By

OLI Config tool for Aspen Plus 9.2 did not detect Aspen Plus 8.6 after the update .

There was an error in the XML reader that was removing spaces within a string, this was only happening when a space with a string landed on a 512 byte boundary.


The .loc file should not be created when full access is not enabled.

The file unit will not be opened for writing into if the full access check fails. Subsequent writes to this file unit is preceded with a full access check.


CO2 interaction with psuedo and HC needs to be updated.

The following have been implemented in the Engine side for the upcoming databank release (9.2.3).
1. CO2 and pseudo component UNIQUAC interaction parameters MSEPUB --- correlation added 2. CO2 and hydrocarbon SRK parameters MSEPUB --- existing correlation removed 3. CO2 and hydrocarbon SRK parameters AQUEOUS --- existing correlation removed 4. CO2 and pseudo component SRK parameters AQUEOUS --- correlation added

3485 13406

Incorrect phase equilibrium with new databanks using pseudocomponents

This phase behavior problem was due to not including pseudo component in the special algorithm. This was fixed by adding the pseudo component material balance code in the inclusion check.

User RY
9.2.2 Not Released


No general information for this version

Bug ID OLI Case Description Reported by Resolved By

Pressure dependent mid-range parameters are not reported correctly in the LOC file. 

Pressure dependent mid-range parameters (PR-MIDRA) have been stored correctly for LOC file view. FYI, there are only few sets of PR-MIDRA interaction parameters (e.g., CLION/NAION, CLION/SIO2AQ, NAION/OHION

9.2.1 General Release


  • The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
  • This marked the release of the universal installer for both Aspen Plus and Aspen Hysys



Bug ID Description

Inconsistent phase behavior with organic liquid and REDOX.

An error in the derivatives for redox equilibrium reactions was corrected (RDY)


Thermal Conductivity Update

Thermal conductivity calculation has been updated. This update is for version 9.2 (dbs version 17.3).

1) We have renamed the existing thmpar.dat file in our databank to thmpar2.dat. This is because there has been a major change in the number of interaction parameters between species. So, accessing the old thmpar.dat with the updated engine will result in erroneous calculations.

2) Updated engine will look for thmpar2.dat only. If thmpar2.dat is not in your databanks (which is the case using older databanks), we won't calculate thermal conductivity and flag appropriate warning message.

3) However, if the users turn-off thermal conductivity for his/her calculation, we won't flag any warning even if the thermal conductivity is not calculated due to not finding the thmpar2.dat file.

4) Mass transfer column calls eqprop directly for thermal conductivity calculation. For mass transfer column, if liquid phase thermal conductivity is not found or not calculated, it returns 500.



Using a private databank with the Chemistry Wizard caused an Aspen Error in the ID name, A private databank was used locally.

Fixed issue with get aspen name function not finding databank in local directory. (CD)

9.1.5 General Release


  • The database was NOT updated for this version.



Bug ID Description

Inconsistent phase behavior in MSE and hydrocarbons

1. Initial guess for low H2O values in 2nd liquid phase was improved
2. Better 2nd Liq exclusion test post-convergence.(RDY)



Not Released


9.1.3 General Release


Bug ID Description

Liq Thermal Conducitvioty values reported in MSE were too large by 1000 times

OLI was returning the thermal conductivity values in cal/(Hr*m*C) while Aspen PLUS was expecting Watt/(m*C). OLI changed the unit set to be consistent with Aspen PLUS (PK)

9.1.2 Not Released   04.02.2014
9.1.1 Not Released


9.0.14 Not Released


  • The database was not updated for this version.
Bug ID Description

Surface tension and Liq Thermal Conducitvioty values returning zero in AQ model without any error codes.

According to the code, IERR=2 is returned under these circumstances. Thermal conductivity and surface tension are not available for either
liquid phase with the aqueous model, fixed EQPROP to show this. (AF)

9.0.13 Not Released


9.0.12 Not Released   12.10.2013
9.0.11 Not Released


Bug ID Description
2897() When no pH is available (ie. no H+ or H3o+ ions), we need to return a big number, say 1.0E30.  Allow user to access this big number so they can avoid printing if needed.  Add as 501 to EQSOLD.FOR.
9.0.10 Not Released   12.10.2013
9.0.9 General Release


Bug ID Description
2761() Added molality units for Ionic Strength in MSE model and for completeness, mole fraction units for Ionic Strength in Aqueous model.
9.0.8 Not Released    
9.0.7 Not Released


9.0.6 General Release


  • The databank was not updated for this release.
  • There were no interface changes for this release.
9.0.5 Not Released    
9.0.4 Not Released


The numerical solver was updated to correct a memory storage issue. The interface did not change

9.0.3 Not Released


9.0.2 Not Released


The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:

Bug ID Description
2509(10492) Support for large models has been enhanced. Large arrays will now be stored in sparse storage.  They will try to be allocated first, and if that fails, sparse storage will be used.
9.0.1 Not Released


  1. The molecular weight of water (H2O) was standardized throughout the code. The current value is 18.01534 g/mol
  2. The databanks remain unchanged from version 9.0.0
9.0.0 Not Released


  1. The databank has been updated with new parameters for MSE for density
  2. Interfacial Tension was added as a new thermodynamic parameter
  3. The database was updated for this version. See the release notes:
  4. The databanks have been moved to a unified folder for all v9.0 products

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