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This section contains utilities you might need for working with the OLI software. If there is something that you see that you would like to know more about, please ask us! Enjoy browsing! 

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File Name Type Description Upload Date (mm.dd.yyyy) Size (kB)
OLI Data Regression Batch File ZIP

A batch file that is needed for running the OLI Data Regression program. Unzip the file in your working folder

This file is superceeded by the Regression Consol now available in ESP version 9.3 and later. Use only with older versions of ESP. This batch file is no longer supported.

04.24.2009 1
Diagnostic and Debugging Utilities
Hardlock Error Codes PDF (77) A listing of Hardlock error codes 07.13.2007 23
OLI Application Loader Debugger ZIP This file contains a program that will monitor all programs being called by OLI when the Analyzers start. 06.30.2016 341
OLI Application Loader Documentation PDF (48) Instructions for running the application loader debugger 06.30.2016 234
GoToAssist Remote Access EXE An executable that allows for unattended support of a users computer 03.08.2013 3,319
OLILicenseServerInfo EXE A command line tool to locate the name of a protection key on an OLI server 12.14-2016 140
Updated Sentinel Drivers ZIP Sentinel HASP/LDK - Windows GUI Run-time Installer
Windows , 16 MB, Version 7.54, Released 2017-03-09
03.20.2017 15,561

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