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Last updated: July 16, 2014

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Table of Contents

OLI Security Information
OLI Security Settings and Test
Serial Numbers
Resetting the timelock/trial codes
Hardlock Devices
Hardlock Errors
*Key Invalidated
Manually Resetting the hardlock device
*Missing or no hardlock device
Static Security Provider Errors
*Hardlock Driver Repair
OLI Network License Server
How to Administer the OLI Network License Server
Accessing the OLI Keyserver Program
Installing Version Locked Software


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OLI Security Information

Many security related issues can be resolved by letting the OLI software tell you what is wrong. There is a great deal of data located on the OLI Security Tab in the software. Follow this link to the OLI Security Information page.

OLI Security Settings and Test

For the Alliance products it is not as easy to test the security settings. So OLI has created a tool called the Security Settings and Test program. Follow this link to the OLI Security Settings and Test program.

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers are used by OLI Systems to control access to the software. Serial numbers are similar to this following:


Serial numbers have embedded hardlock codes and expiration dates. You may need to reset the serial number regularly depending on the terms and conditions of your license. You can download the Serial Number resetting guide for more information.

If you have a network version of the OLI software then instructions for updating the serial number is a bit different. You can download a guide to updating the serial numbers here: Updating the OLI Network Security Manager

Hardlock/HASP Devices (aka "Dongles")

The hardware device that OLI Systems uses in its security model are manufactured by Sentinel. They are USB keys which plug into a USB 1.0 port or later. A pictures of typical OLI USB keys are pictured below. New OLI USB keys, also known as "Dongles" are purple in color and have a hardware ID label on them. All OLI USB key IDs begin with either the letters "PH" or "LH" which designate "Personal Hardlock" or "Lan Hardlock" Older OLI USB keys are blue, see the images below.

New HASP-HL USB device used after July 1, 2014

Old Hardlock USB device used before July 1, 2014

The USB key will illuminate with a red LED if your computer has properly installed the hardware drivers for this device.

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Hardlock Errors

There are several errors that are issued by the OLI software which indicate that the Hardlock device has failed. Here is a short video which shows some of the common error conditions. You can get a list of Hardlock Error Codes here: Error Codes

Date and Time Issues
Missing or No Hardware Key

Date and time issues

Perhaps the leading cause of hardlock device failures is the user attempting to reset the date and/or time on their computer. The hardlock device is designed to detect a date change and then fail if a date was changed backwards. There is a small perpetual clock running inside of each key. This security model is designed to prevent a user from back dating their computer to avoid the expiration date.

Unfortunately there are many legitimate reasons to back date a computer. One is to recover time stamped files and another is when a central server issues a date change to synchronize times on a network. If this occurs, then the user will receive the infamous Your system date was changed, Key invalidated.

Fortunately OLI had anticipated this event and we have instructions on how to reset your key. You can download a guide which explains how to reset the key.. We have summarized the steps here:

If the computer time has been backdated either through design or by accident you may see the following OLI Security Error dialog. For this example we are using OLI Studio 9.0.

The error message is pretty clear. You can field reset the hardlock key with help from OLI. Please make sure the hardware key is attached and then click the Protect Keys Tools tab.

The following dialog will be displayed.

Click the Reset Key button.

The number displays as the Unlock Code (in our example 254000157, yours will be different) needs to be sent to OLI Systems. Use the Technical support Email address below to send the code.

After OLI Received the unlock code, we run a small utility to create the restore code.

We then send the Key Restore Code back to you which you then enter into the Hardlock Restore Code Box.

Click the OK button and the success message is displayed.

Click OK to close the dialog. You now need to close the OLI software to allow the changes to take effect.


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Manually Resetting the hardlock device

Sometimes the OLI Hardlock key will fail and you will not be given an option to reset the key from the program. This frequently happens when the key is damaged by static electricity.  You can manually reset the key using a stand-alone program.

You will need to locate this file on your computer. It is installed when you originally installed the OLI software.  Here is the path

For 32 bit operating systems
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\OLI Systems\Hardlock\OLIHardlockUtility.exe"

For 64 bit operating systems
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\OLI Systems\Hardlock\OLIHardlockUtility.exe"

You can copy the above path into your address bar of the file start | Run bar to execute the program. For Windows 7, the image is:

After pasting in the above path (we are using the 64 bit example)

Here you can see the program at the top of the window.  Use either method to activate the program:

A different program will be displayed:

Click the Generate button.

This provides an unlock code, please send this to OLI. In this example it is 74839335. Yours will be different.

OLI will then return a restore code to you.

Click the Restore button.

You will see a restored message:

Click the OK button and then click the Close button.

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Missing Hardlock device

If you have forgotten to attach your hardware key (dongle) to your computer you may receive this error message:

Hardlock Error(19): Cannot acquire port

This usually means that the USB key is not attached to your computer. Please attach the key and close and restart the software.

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Static Security Provider Errors

Manual Hardlock Driver Repair

There are several problems that can can result in errors in the Static Security Provider. A typical error message looks like this:

On stand-alone versions of the software (those with "PH" type hardware keys) the most common reason for the error is that the hardlock drivers did not properly install when installing the software. If you are running a network version of the software then the most common reason for the error is that you have lost connection to the computer hosting the OLI Network License Server.

Hardlock Driver Repair

Stand-alone installations: Manually Repair Hardlock Installation

The first thing you should try when you receive this type of error message is to reinstall the software as the administrator. It is important to note that you may have to log off your network login and login with out the network as the administrator. If you do not know how to do this or are not permitted to do this, contact your IT department.

If re-installing the software as the administrator fails to resolve the issue, you may wish to manually repair the hardlock installation. First plug in the device to a USB port. Close out of the automatic hardware installation if it has started. Then you will need to change to the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\OLI Systems\Hardlock

Notice that the folder of interest is in the "Common Files" tree on your computer and not the same location as the software. In this folder is a batch file with the name:


If you are not displaying the file extensions you may need to look for the file type which will be "MS-DOS batch file"

Double-click this file and wait. You will see several "Command" prompt windows appear and then disappear.

If no error messages are displayed, please try to start the OLI software.

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Installing and running the OLI Network License Manager

The OLI Network License Manager is used to control access to the OLI software in a multi user environment. Frequently there are installation issues and run-time issues that disrupt the network. There are two versions of the License Manager, one for a physical hardware (USB) device and another for a softkey (no USB) device.

OLI Network License Manager for 3.1 for USB Device

OLI Network License Manager for 3.1 Softkey version

To find instructions on how to install and run the older version 2. license manager click here:
OLI Network License Manager for version 2.1

Follow this link to find instructions on administering the OLI Network License Manager

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