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OLI Chemistry models are created for use in ProII via OLI Chemistry Wizard

Using the OLI Chemistry Wizard

The general instructions for using the Chemistry Wizard can be found here: OLI Chemistry Wizard

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Using OLI private databases in the OLI Chemistry Wizard

You may receive a database from OLI or from another user that you wish to use with OLI in ProII . This will require you to install the database. OLI databases are a set of 39 or 40 files which must all be in the same folder.

We must first locate the folder where the main OLI databases are stored. This may be a default folder or your system administrator may have chosen a different location. To confirm the location you need to start the

OLI Chemistry Wizard 3.0

This program is found under the OLI Systems tree in the Start > Programs menu and not under SIMSCI as was the older chemistry wizard.

For our purposes you can enter a dummy chemistry model name. Here we are using the name TEST.

Click the Next button.

In our example we are using an Aqueous database so we have selected the Aqueous (H+ ion) radio button. This is unnecessary at this point in our discussion.

Click the Databank Preferences button.

This will display the location of the installed OLI databases. It should be in the following folder:(Windows Vista and Windows 7 users jump here)

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OLI Systems\OLI Engine 8.1\PROII 8.3.x\Databanks\

Select and copy the text in the Directory Path box below:

Close the OLI Chemistry Wizard completely.

Using File Explorer (or My Computer) past the copied address into the address bar:

Locate the file supplied to you. OLI supplies these files as a compressed (ZIP) object. Expand the contents of the compressed file and copy all the files into the database folder:

Vista and Windows 7 users

The path to the data folder is slightly different in Vista and Windows 7. The full path is:

C:\ProgramData\OLI Systems\OLI Engine 8.1\ProII 8.3.x\Databanks\

Restart the OLI Chemistry Wizard

If your database is not visible, you may have the wrong thermodynamic framework. Click the other radio button. Here you can see the new OLI database "Hardmse" displayed on in the left-hand window.


Highlight the desired database and click the right-arrow (or simply just double-click the database name).

You can now continue to select databases. Click the Next button.

Click the Add button to add the new components.

Enter the desired species in the Search By box or simply scroll down to find your species. In this case we are searching for NaCl

We entered H2SO3 and it was found.

Highlight the species and then click Add.

The species has now been added to the model.

You can now continue generating your model normally.

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